Pear, Potato, Pesto…Pizza?

I haven’t had this pizza in quite a while, but I just had a conversation about it the other day, and ever since then I’ve been craving it!

This is by far one of the most unusual pizzas I’ve ever heard of – and in fact, the first time I heard it described I thought it sounded like one of the grossest things ever! Pears, potatoes, and pesto, all on a pizza?  YUCK!  To be honest, I’m not even that big a fan of pears or potatoes by themselves.  But my old roommate brought a few slices home from the hospital one night after celebrating the birth of her best friend’s new baby and the leftovers smelled delicious, so I had to at least give it a fair shot, right?

Y. U. M.


I’m in love.  With a pizza.

Known for their less-than-traditional topping choices, The Pizza Research Institute (or PRI as it’s called locally) hit another one out of the park with this pie.  Instead of competing with each other, the red sauce blends well with the spice of the pesto, without overwhelming it. And you can never go wrong with cheese, which has always been a favorite pairing for both potatoes and pears.

With toppings like that…I have to admit to barely even noticing the crust.  Though that must mean it complements the rest of the dish quite well, because if any layer of the medley was off, it would stand out like a sore thumb amidst the cohesiveness of the rest of the bite!

Okay, talking about it has not helped the situation at all.  I’m gonna have to get my hands on one of these soon!  (Or maybe I should try my hand at recreating the recipe? Mmm…home-made pizza does sound pretty good!)

What do you think – does it sound delicious or disgusting?  Have you ever had a similar pizza?  What is your favorite non-traditional pizza topping? Do you have an “experimental” pizza place near you – what do you usually order?


4 thoughts on “Pear, Potato, Pesto…Pizza?

  1. Wow the combination certainly does not sound so appetising at all, yet you say it went down well… just goes to show without experimentation we might never find the perfect pizza…

  2. It is funny how that works sometimes. I wouldn’t have thought the Canadian bacon and pineapple thing would work on a pizza, but done right it’s really good. Ya gotta admire the chefs who combine odd things looking for that surprising mash up!

  3. That is one… interesting combination! Honestly I was prepared for you to say it was disgusting. Sadly we don’t have any experimental pizza places around. However, I do like shrimps as a topping!

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