Happy Valentine’s Day!


Call me a hopeless romantic, but love is one of my favorite things, and it always has been.  I think I was in middle school the first time I discovered a Nicholas Sparks book, and I spent the entire day holed up in my room sobbing my way through A Walk To Remember (please, please don’t judge this book by its movie).

But it’s not just romantic love that I appreciate.  As I mentioned in my post The Purpose, I believe that relationships between people are the most important things to cultivate.  And in my mind, the only real way to do that is with love.  Parents guide their children with love.   Friends lend helping hands, and provide shoulders to cry on, out of love.  Teachers (hopefully) educate with love, and with the hope of instilling the love of learning in their students.  People every day manage impossible feats in the name of love, and make incredible sacrifices for love.  We are never happier when we are doing what we love, surrounded by the people that we love.

If you ask me, whether you’re in a romantic relationship today or not, love is worth at least a little celebrating…I mean, let’s face it – if it weren’t for an act of love, you wouldn’t even be here to read this!

Here’s a great video put together by Starbucks a few years ago to fight Aids in Africa. I think it’s a wonderful example of the way love unites us all – it may not be all we need, but  it’s certainly the best start we’ve got!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone – sending lots of love to you all!

How are you celebrating Love today?


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