What I’m Watching

The Bachelor

The Bachelor

Only the most loyal of readers will probably recall this – but my first ever “What I’m Watching” post featured the show The Bachelorette.  So it feels kind of fun to “go back” and revisit the theme with The Bachelor today.  Even though the show is absolutely ridiculous, and I have no idea why I watch it.

Well, okay, I do.  I’m sure the main reason I enjoy this show is because it’s been on since the beginning of time (this is the 17th season!), so it’s become a ritual of sorts for this time of year.  The Bachelor, and American Idol – I actually anticipate them eagerly now.

Also, ridiculous isn’t always a bad thing.  Reality shows do get a lot of (mostly deserved) flack for portraying some of the least positive aspects of our culture at times, but as far as The Bachelor is concerned, I don’t think it falls into that category/trap as much as it could.  Sure, the girls are sometimes crazy, generally way too emotional, pretty catty – and well, basically as stereotyped as they can be some days.  Yes, sometimes the crazy, way too emotional, catty girls stay until nearly the end.  But given the circumstances (have you ever tried to date the same guy 24 other girls are also trying to date…with cameras in your face?) I think most of that can be forgiven.

Not only that, but sometimes it’s just nice to be able to sit down and be entertained by your entertainment, without having to think about all of the hard tasks you had to accomplish that Monday.  Well, The Bachelor is basically the perfect remedy for that, since it’s essentially the favorite type of go-to entertainment – a romantic comedy!

It seems they’ve been taking the show a step up each season, as well.  Like I mentioned in my review for The Bachelorette, this season is fun because it actually feels like you could be watching a love story unfold.  Sean Lowe (previously on Emily’s season of The Bachelorette) seems like a genuine guy, really looking for “The One,” as cheesy as that may sound.  I feel like they’ve really done their best to pick some down-to-earth, good people for the last few rounds, which actually lessens the “ridiculous” and raises my enjoyment.  The Bachelor airs Monday Nights at 8/7c on ABC.

Do you watch The Bachelor?  What do you think?  Do you like it, or The Bachelorette more?  How did I get sucked into this show for 17 freaking seasons?


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