The Best Vegetarian Pizza

I never used to like vegetarian pizza.  There were just too many…veggies!  But now it’s one of my favorite meals to order in when I’m feeling lazy.  My favorite place to order it from is a local pizza parlor, because they usually bring the tomatoes on the side!

Why is this important, you ask?  Well, because then the tomatoes don’t make the rest of the pizza all soggy on the way over.  Not only that, but not everyone likes tomatoes – and I mean, sure, you can pick them off – but there’s still that residual tomato taste (it astonishes me to find out that there are, in fact, pickier eaters than myself out there).

Veggie Pizza

(Black olives, mushrooms, green bell pepper, onion, and of course – tomato)

Anyways, it’s not just the side-tomatoes that I enjoy about this pizza.  The ingredients are usually noticeably fresh, and the sauce-to-topping-to-crust ratio is near perfect. And of course, the ever important crust – where it walks that delicate balance between crunchy and chewy quite well.

It also hails from the pizza parlor where every child’s sports team had their trophy ceremony at the end of each season, and where every kid had at least one birthday party held on the play structure, so the food has a slight hint of nostalgia baked in there as well.  As true pizza connoisseurs know, you can never go wrong with that!

What is your favorite kind of pizza?  Do you enjoy vegetarian?  Is tomato an acceptable topping in your household?


6 thoughts on “The Best Vegetarian Pizza

  1. I still love a good extra cheese NY style pizza, but there is nothing like a good veggie pizza. I especially like the recipe from Pamper Chef with the cream cheese. But we have a place here that sells the best veggie pizza with a delicious white sauce.

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