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Castle is by far one of my favorite shows on television.  It stars Nathan Fillion (need I say more?) as main character Richard Castle, a well-known mystery novelist who takes a position shadowing successful NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) in order to over-come a case of writers block.  Beckett quickly becomes the perfect muse, and Castle the perfect addition to a team of rowdy investigators.

For regular readers, the main reasons I adore the show are probably pretty obvious. First of all, it’s a crime drama.  Although, it’s more than just that, really.  I find the witty writing entertaining and refreshing, and – in my opinion – the show manages a new take on an “old” genre that can sometimes seem tired and repetitive.

However, it can still be easily enjoyed by different age groups and genders.  More traditional generations can enjoy it because the plot lines don’t get quite as out-there or as gruesome as shows like CSI often do, and younger generations can enjoy it because of the humor and the pop culture references.  Plus there’s Nathan Fillion…did I mention that already? I know a lot of people who weren’t expecting to enjoy the show but started watching it because they enjoyed Firefly, and fell in love (Yes, there are tons of references!  Keep your eyes open!).  It just sort of captures you.

Castle: “It’s crazy, you know, on the shortest, darkest days of the year, people of all faiths celebrate the light.”

But perhaps my favorite part of the show is the relationship between Castle and his daughter Alexis.  Going out of the box for mainstream tv, Castle is portrayed as a single father of a teenaged daughter who’s mother is rarely in the picture.  Although his character fully embraces the – occasionally inappropriate – perks of stardom, (Fillion plays a fantastic endearing asshole, doesn’t he?) the moments in which he interacts with his family (mother played by Susan Sullivan), and his daughter in particular, are priceless. It’s honestly the best example of fatherdom on tv at the moment.  Perhaps even of all time.

Beckett: “What makes you so sure?”
Castle: “Because a father would do anything for his daughter.”

Now into it’s fifth season the show has progressed and has been able to able to establish itself as much more than a “one season wonder” – even withstanding some cast changes and the growth and development of the characters.  Occasionally goofy, even superficial at times, there is still an underlying heart that draws you back every week.  Castle airs Monday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

Do you watch Castle?  Are you a fan of the show?  Why or why not?


2 thoughts on “What I’m Watching

  1. TNT has been pushing it, but the ads gave it more of a romcom flavor than I usually find interesting. I generally like my crime dramas without too much soap or sap.

    But based on your review, I may have to give this a shot. I’m deeply, deeply ashamed to confess I never twigged to the Firefly connection. [hangs head] In my defense, haven’t seen it in a long time, and I’m not good with actor names. But I have been thinking, “Damn, he looks familiar….”

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