One of Those Rainy Day Posts

I promise to have a REAL post for you all soon, but I’m too busy being crazy/neurotic/in my head at the moment to focus on anything else.  So, here’s a sample of what my brain is like on the inside, today:

I Can't Keep Calm

I seriously need this shirt. Anyone know where to find it?

How freaking long should it really take to respond to a text message?!?@*&#%?

When people I don’t know are nice to me, I assume they’re untrustworthy.

Sunday instead of Saturday? Really?

Oh man, I really need to clean out the refrigerator, it smells like something died in there.

I’m hungry, but I feel like crap and nothing sounds good to eat.  Opening the fridge totally didn’t help.

Having a personal chef would be awesome.

How can you tell when someone actually likes you?  (I hope he likes me).

Whoever thought up the concept of dating clearly did it as an act of torture.  Why do some people think the beginning of relationships are fun? I now completely understand arranged marriages.  OMG I’M SO ANXIOUS.  Is this how normal people feel?

Wow, I really suck at the unknown, being in limbo, dealing with things I can’t control, and processing change.

I should write a blog post.  Opens computer.  Mind goes blank.

Oh well, maybe I’ll just complain.

What do you do on days when YOUR brain won’t shut up?


10 thoughts on “One of Those Rainy Day Posts

  1. I need that tee shirt ! darling your completely normal..well as normal as me! and I totally understand. I sat into the early hours writing a post that makes me look like a raving nutter, but it felt good. no sleep and so tired then I read your post and smile because your blog is sweet and heart touching. feel better soon sweetie. love Ceri xxx

  2. As others have said, “Gee, you’re kinda normal, ain’tcha!”

    And, oh joy, our modern highly connected world has brought us yet another source of anxiety: The “How Long Does It Take To Answer A F**kin’ Email Blues.”

    Look at it this way. I’ve been reading you long enough to know you’re “all that,” and I know what you look like, and you’re a major cutie. So if this whomever doesn’t have the sense to snap you up immediately, he’s clearly an idiot who doesn’t deserve you. Don’t let him get you down!!

  3. I enjoyed your post. You’re normal. EWither that, or the whole freakin’world is screwed up! ;-D! Actually, I’m leaning in the direction of the latter!

    Well, did you get the call or text you were waiting for?


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