First Date Jitters – How Pinteresting…

Whew!  Well, I certainly meant to do more than just one or two posts this week, but I got sick – again!  “Seriously?” you ask?  I swear, I couldn’t make this up!

So, with the wedding of a good friend coming up tomorrow, and…*gasp*…a first date coming up on Sunday (If I end up with any first date disaster stories, I promise to share them :P), I’ve been laying kind of low with my pjs and Project Runway marathon (season 8!).

I’ve also been freaking out, because I realized I’ve never actually been on a first date before.  Like I’ve said, my town is small – and I’ve never dated anyone I didn’t already know from high school.  Every relationship I’ve ever been in started out as a friendship first.  Eventually we just started…going out.  It was an easy transition.  Our first dates were homework on the couch and dinner with each other’s families.

This is a whole new ball game!  I have no idea what I’m doing!  Panic!

To distract myself, I’ve turned to my favorite addiction…Pinterest.  Oh Pinterest…I’d forgotten how much I absolutely love to waste my time scrolling through pictures of DIY beauty products and ridiculously amazing hair-dos and manicures that I will never have the talent to achieve on my own.

Hair Bow(How are people so creative??)

Plus the quotes!  I know there are a lot of you fellow quote lovers out there – LouAnn, Lori, and Diana, to name a few – and let me tell you, Pinterest is a treasure trove of them! Seriously, I could spend an entire day there, being inspired.

Forever is Now

Lose our Fear of Wrong

Of course, eventually you have to unglue yourself from the computer and get out there and do something with that inspiration…But right now I’m sick, dangit!


Anyhoo, if you have a Pinterest account, feel free to follow me here: Andrea Kelly on Pinterest.  And if you don’t have a Pinterest account – what’s taking you so long? Hours of entertainment, distraction and procrastination await!


Do you have any tips for a 25-year-old girl who’s never been on a first date before?  What are your thoughts on Pinterest?


8 thoughts on “First Date Jitters – How Pinteresting…

  1. Don’t worry so much and just be yourself. Most people try to impress their date by being someone they are not. That may work at the beginning but eventually your true self comes out and the relationship falls apart. Make sure he accepts you for who you are from the beginning and while your’e doing that…have fun.

  2. I’m scared to try pinterest – I already am addicted to various social medias! Advice for your date? Don’t think of it as a date…think of it as meeting as someone with no expectations (you know like a business meeting, but not really) and be yourself! I love meeting people – it’s fun!

  3. I don’t think I can be of much help, as I’ve never gone on a date with someone I don’t know either! And I’ve been avoiding Pinterest like the plague. I feel if I start going through it I will become addicted and never get out, haha.

  4. All the best with your date. Just be who you are and don’t try to impress. Relax and know its a meeting with someone with no expectations for a commitment. And I hope you are feeling better soon.

    As for Pintrest, I’m a massive addict and refuse to look at my number of pins once I hit 10,000. Love it for quotes, parentig ideas, gardening and home ideas too.

    All the best for Sunday.

  5. love the quotes
    first date jitters – advice – I have none – wish I did – every first date I ever had was different – some wonderful, some not so….just look on it as an adventure–just don’t jump off the cliff

  6. And… waiting oh-so-patiently for the post wedding and date reviews! :-D

    I always dated friends, too, and distinctly remember agreeing to meet a friend of a friend I had been chatting with for some time. Then the friend said something about our “date” and I completely freaked… date?!?! This wasn’t a date!! Sigh. It was. And it was fine, but… suddenly knowing it was a date changed it all. Sigh.

    Pinterest… I have to say I just don’t understand the fascination. What am I missing?

    I hope you are feeling better!

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