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The other day I discovered an awesome site called, and it has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit on the web.  There are two main reasons I have fallen in love with this site – one: it’s tons of fun, and two: it supports a great cause!

In 1995, Daniella Maria Arturi was born.  She was also diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia – a rare condition that affects roughly 1000 people worldwide  – and that results in a failure of the patient’s bone marrow to produce red blood cells.  This causes a severe anemia that is difficult to treat without a bone marrow transplant. 90% of sufferers are diagnosed within the first year of their life, and although many are able to live long and healthy lives with proper medical treatment and blood transfusions – some even experiencing remission! – there is also a portion of patients who aren’t so lucky.  Unfortunately, Daniella Maria was one of them.

In the hope that other parents would not have to face the same pain they did, in 1996 the Arturi’s made a decision to help patients in a similar position.  Through lots of hard work, the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation was born, and they have taken up the fight to fund research and find a cure for DBA.

That’s where buncee enters the picture.  When parents Marie and Manny were handwriting thank you cards to the doctors, staff, and other amazing people who supported and helped them during Daniella’s life, they felt there had to be a better way to make a personalized note.  So they set out to create


Several years later and their goal has been reached!  A cross between Pinterest, Photoshop, and Powerpoint, plus all of those card making and scrapbooking programs out there, is easy to use and intuitive.  It’s a great first step because it doesn’t require extensive computer knowledge – not only that, it’s free!

For me, it’s become an awesome alternative to programs like Photoshop because they already have hundreds of royalty free images available at your fingertips.  Just scroll through the options to select a background, choose from a large variety of stickers, words, and images, customize your text, and add a picture – or even insert a youtube video!  You can also upload items from your computer for an even more customized look.

When you’re finished, your buncees can easily be shared between social media platforms, embedded using html, downloaded and printed out, or e-mailed to a specific recipient.  You can share them publicly with your followers, or set them to private for selected viewing only.

I think this is a great tool for bloggers as well.  It’s a really fun and creative way to design new icons and banners for your site.  I’ve already used it several times as you can see with the examples I’ve given in this post – as well as a few previous ones. And you can definitely count on seeing a lot more.  I’ll admit, I’m officially a buncee addict!


Creative, inspiring, musical, magical, informational – your buncee can be anything you want it to be.  A card, a reminder, how-to instructions for a DIY project, a slideshow, a scrapbook…what will you make next?

So, what are you waiting for??  Go check out, make some fun memories, and support some amazing families!

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Find out more about the DMA

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