25 Movies for January

It’s that time again – time for another movie list!  When I was compiling my list for December, I noticed that there weren’t very many lists out there suggesting good movies for January.  And the lists that are out there, aren’t varied enough, in my opinion!  So even though I wasn’t going to make a list for this month, I decided it was my duty :P

As usual, although most of these movies are New Year/January/Winter related, a good number have nothing to do with this time of year at all.  Many are just movies I enjoy and that for some reason, I find myself turning to recently.  Perhaps because of the feelings they evoke!  There are also some family and kid friendly films – which you’ll notice is pretty common on my movie lists.  I think watching movies together can be an important bonding experience.  And even if you don’t have a family, well, let’s face it, sometimes you just need your entertainment to be heartwarming and fun! This is especially true after the stress of the holidays, I think.

25 Movies for January 2012

(There are also a few films that snuck their way onto this list from December’s, but they’re equally fitting, I thought!)

1. When Harry Met Sally

2. The Mighty Ducks 1, 2, & 3

3.  Curly Sue

4. The Weather Man

5. Fargo

6. Good Will Hunting

7. Bridget Jones’s Diary

8. Someone Like You

9. About A Boy

10. The Big Chill

11. Holiday Inn

12. Lars and the Real Girl

13. Stranger than Fiction

14. Sabrina

15. Girl, Interrupted

16. Sex and The City: The Movie

17. Winter Passing

18. Gigantic

19. High School Musical

20. National Velvet

21. Wild America

22. 101 Dalmatians

23. Fantasia

Happy Viewing!

Which are your favorites? Do you have any movies for New Year’s or the month of January that didn’t make the list?


5 thoughts on “25 Movies for January

  1. Hmmm I think the movies I normally watch at this time of year vary from year to year, but I do often watch the Monty Python films over this period. Then again, with it being blisteringly summery outside, winter films don’t feel right down my end of the world really :P
    Geeze I haven’t watched some of the films you mention in such a long time, especially The Mighty Ducks films…

  2. I don’t typically have seasonal movies, but I do tend to defy convention, so in the winter I want to watch beach movies and in the summer I want to watch things like Fargo. I do the same with music – I’m much more likely to choose to listen to Christmas music in August. I guess… I’m already cold, I want to be reminded of the heat! :-D

  3. G’day Andrea…Good Will Hunting! A firm favourite and a film I haven’t seen for a while now. Good tip.
    Not sure I’ll be watching Fargo with my daughter anytime soon however :)
    Nice to ‘read’ you again!

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