So This is The New Year!

(Title taken from the song The New Year by Death Cab for Cutie)

So, I know I’m a little late, and for many of you New Year’s Day has come and gone – but this is what happens when you stay up all night and sleep all day!  Besides, better late than never, right?


My wish for the New Year is that we will know love, and be love in action.

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe celebration yesterday.  I enjoyed my low-key night at home with the cats and some apple cider :)

One of the most enjoyable parts of the night was pulling out my memory jar for 2012 and going through it. So many of you loved the idea when I mentioned it yesterday, and now that I’ve actually opened it and read through it, I couldn’t recommend it more!  I figured I had forgotten some of what I had hastily written on scraps and thrown in the jar over the course of the year, but I was surprised to realize just how much!  Some were really special moments, too, that had completely slipped my mind.

I was also surprised at just how much actually happened last year.  I think in the day to day shuffle and grind of things, we forget to really appreciate so many experiences the way they deserve to be appreciated.  I can’t tell you how many times I pulled out a slip of paper with a memory on it and thought to myself “you know, that was a really cool moment!”

It’s as though reading something back to yourself later – with just that little bit of detachment – allows us to appreciate it more objectively instead of taking it for granted.  This experience, written down on a piece of paper in black and white, was a big deal, and the fact that I got to experience it (or had the strength to live through it) is pretty lucky and amazing.

Here were some of my favorites: (the ones I can show you anyways, a lot were dated/had full names on them – which I totally recommend btw if you plan on keeping them for the future because, let’s face it, you would have forgotten most of these moments already if you hadn’t written them down – and I was too lazy to photoshop everything :P)

Memory Jar 2012 Results 1Memory Jar 2012 Results 2

Some items were triumphant, some were bittersweet, and some were downright ridiculous.  But overall it was a great trip down memory lane, and I’m already stowing away the old memories and emptying out the jar to make room for more.  Which is pretty symbolic of New Year’s itself, really…

Today I’m also pulling out the new calendars I got for Christmas and transferring all the important dates over – which is one of my other favorite New Year’s activities :)  Be sure to check out my facebook page in the next day or two to see what they look like, and for even more fun pictures from the holiday season.

One thing I don’t usually do, however, is pick a New Year’s resolution.  Perhaps because I never stuck to them when I was younger, so I finally gave up all together. Also, all anyone ever seems to talk about is losing weight or quitting smoking – and not that those aren’t totally valid resolutions, they just don’t happen to be things I need to do!  But this year I decided that instead of making a new resolution every year, I’d like to to make the same one – one that’s going to take a lifetime to achieve, and one that I can stick to, because it’s already something I’ve been working on every day of my life.

My resolution is to become me!  To work on my faults – not necessarily to completely eradicate them because that would be impossible, and perfection seems like a fault in and of itself – but to become more aware of them, at least, and not let them hold me back.  To face my fears.  To follow my dreams.  To be more compassionate and understanding.  And to try to respond in love instead of anger.  Will you join me?

What is your wish for the New Year?  What is your resolution?


4 thoughts on “So This is The New Year!

  1. Great post and Happy New Year! Don’t fret too much about your faults either because like your strengths, there is always a flip side, i.e. and impatient person gets things done…

  2. I suppose you could resolve to take up smoking and gain weight…

    Before I had a blog, I used email to friends as a kind of journal-slash-diary. I keep all my email correspondence, so it forms a similar kind of memory jar. It really is amazing to read back, because you’re absolutely right about how much gets lost in the daily grind.

    The email is nice, as it comes with a datetime stamp, and it’s still good for the more personal stuff or stuff between friends.

    Good show! Happy New Year!!

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