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Photo Credit: Buncee.com

Photo Credit: Buncee.com – MoonlightSonata

Project Runway – US

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be following up on my reviews of the fall television lineup – I suck!  But so do most of the shows, honestly, so for the past month or so I’ve found myself getting distracted.

Distracted by Project Runway.

Watch as 16 designers come together and compete to land a spot on the runway, showing their style to the world at Bryant Park during Fashion Week.

(Currently on Season 5 – so far my favorite seasons have been 4 and 1).

I don’t think I’ve shared this with any of you before, but I would very much like to have my own fashion line someday.  Not necessarily as crazy and couture as some of the folks that try out for PR, but something more along the lines of ready-to-wear – and ideally I would love it to focus on eco-friendly fabrics.

So not only do I find Project Runway downright entertaining, I also find it helpful!

First of all, the challenges are always so interesting and innovative.  I’m amazed sometimes at the skill level and imagination of some of the designers!  Even if when the outfits turn out ridiculous, there’s often still some amazing technical work that went into them.  Some, of course, are just total duds, but honestly those are pretty entertaining to watch too.  As red carpet best and worst dressed lists prove, we seem to enjoy whispering “can you believe she wore that??” almost as much as we enjoy appreciating the more beautiful garments.

However, by far the best thing about the show is Tim Gunn.  Holy cow, I love him so much.  I wish he were my uncle, or something.

Best Tim Gunn Moment Ever:

So besides “Holla atcha boy” – “Make it work” is now my favorite saying ever.  And I’m terrified of the words “It looks a little home sewn.”  If Heidi Klum were to ever say that to me on the runway, I’m pretty sure I would just melt into a puddle and die right there.  I never knew such a little phrase could sound so insulting!  Otherwise, however, I adore her. Nina Garcia on the other hand…

Plus, it’s entertaining to see how much fun they’re having on the show.  You get the feeling that fashion is something that they’re not only passionate about, but that they truly enjoy coming to work every day.

The same goes for the guest judges and celebrity clients.  It’s actually really cool to see how much they look forward to working with these relatively unknown designers! Sarah Jessica Parker, in particular, in her appearance on the the 4th season, was a great example of this. When she first walked into the work room she seemed just as excited to meet the contestants as they were to meet her.

All in all, that may just be why this is my new favorite reality/competition show.  The cast really seems to bond and become sort of like a family during the course of each season.  And although there’s still plenty of drama and craziness, there’s still an overlying feeling of positivity throughout.  You get the impression that the contestants genuinely like each other and wish the best for one another, which is actually really nice to see. Project Runway Season 11 premieres on Lifetime Thursday, January 24th at 9/8c. (For the first 5 seasons it aired on Bravo).

Do you watch Project Runway?  Who is your favorite judge?  How much do you love Tim Gunn? Do you have a favorite season or contestant? Have you seen any of the versions from countries besides the US?  Tell me your thoughts!! :)


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