There’s Always Time to be Board

Yes, I know – I spelled “bored” wrong in the title!  But since this post is about my family’s favorite board games, and the only thing we like more than board games are plays on words, I figured it was fitting.

I grew up in a household with six people.  There were my parents, of course, and then me and my three brothers.  There was always someone to hang out with, and there was never a dull moment.  One of our favorite things to do would be to have family days where we’d pull out a puzzle –  or more often, a board game – throw on a couple of CDs, and huddle around the dining room table.  It was awesome, because with six people there’s pretty much no game you can’t play.  You’ve got the perfect amount of people for just about anything, and can easily split up into teams if needed.  So we had a lot of board games to choose from!

However, now I’m the only one who still lives in town, and it’s much harder to find board games for three.  So when holidays hit and various family members come home, we’re just itching to pull out some of the games that have been on the shelf all year.

Here are some of our favorites:
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1. Loaded Questions “If you could ‘dis-invent’ one thing, what would it be?” I think this is across the board (I couldn’t help myself!) our favorite game.  Some of the questions aren’t entirely appropriate for all ages, but when those come up we just skip them.  The nice part about that is that as everyone has gotten older, we’ve had some new questions to answer. A fun way to test how well you know your friend and family or find out some new surprises!

2. Clue A classic stable of any board game fan.  I think everyone in the family is a fan of mysteries, and even though it’s essentially the same thing every time, the cards provide infinite possibilities so it’s never the same game twice.

Photo Credit: Hasbro

Photo Credit: Hasbro

3. Trivial Pursuit We have like 3 different versions of this game.  I think originally we started with one from the 70s!  (A little difficult since none of us kids were alive at the time).  We love this game because everyone is a fan of really random information. Our conversations often start with “did you know…”  My mom and I always enjoy the entertainment/literature categories, and my younger brother and stepdad enjoy the geography and history.  Everyone fails at sports and science.  This is also a really fun game to team up on.  The games are often long, and I honestly can’t remember the last time we finished one, but they’re still fun and you learn something too.

4. Scattergories Okay, so it’s not really a board game but whatever.  This is another one of those games that’s fun because there are infinite possibilities.  Plus it’s not just a challenge between you and the other players, it’s also a challenge to see if you can come up with the right words for the right categories in time!

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5. Blurt This is fun because it gets loud, and gets your adrenaline pumping.  We don’t play this one as often as some of the others, but it’s our go-to when we want to shake things up a bit.  You’ve got to have a decent vocabulary and fast reaction time. (The double sided easy/hard deck makes it accessible to families with an age range though, which is nice).

6. Taboo Also not a board game (gosh, you guys are so nit-picky!) but still tons of fun.  Along with Blurt, we pull this one out when we’re feeling a change of pace.  Also, it’s definitely one that requires more of the gang around, because it takes teams.  A little like charades, only with words, it helps to be paired up with a good guesser!

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7. 13 Dead End Drive I honestly haven’t seen this game in stores in forever.  I don’t even remember where or when I got it – but when our parents were dating, it quickly became a favorite of us kids.  Mostly because it was fun for a variety of ages (the youngest was 5 and the oldest was 14), and it’s interactive!  The fact that it’s kind of a cross between Clue and Mouse Trap makes it fun for everyone.

8. Scene It My mom and I in particular are huge movie/television buffs, so this is one of our favorites.  When we’re playing with the whole family however, teams are really nice because it definitely relies on pop culture which doesn’t make it as accessible for everyone.  They do have a balance of older and newer entertainment though which is awesome!  Plus there’s all sorts of extra versions (Disney, Glee, Seinfeld, Twilight, Star Treck etc).

9. Logo So…this isn’t really one of our favorites as I’ve never actually played it with my family…but I played it with my ex’s family a lot and it’s quite possibly one of my favorite games ever!  It’s another one of those that relies on pop culture, and it’s fun because it has some throw-backs as well as current brands, companies, and slogans.  Do you know your logos??

One game you should never play with your family, however?  Monopoly.  Just don’t do it.  Trust me on this one.  We’ve had to permanently scratch that one off our list after WWIII erupted in my kitchen one year.


Do you enjoy playing board games?  What are some of your favorites?


4 thoughts on “There’s Always Time to be Board

  1. First off I love your title :) Dude I totally love board games … it’s too bad that everyone else in my family is not too hot on them. But I do manage to get people to play Cranium and Taboo. BUt I used to love Clue and Monopoly growing up. However we didn’t get too crazy. I’m trying to get my son into it and will probably get him a Shutes & Ladders soon … try to get someone to play with me.

  2. WAHOO for games! Love it! Cranium and Pictionary are faves – and of course the “guesser” partner is crucial. We recently, (by “we” I mean my sister and her brilliant garage sale-ing skills) discovered Catch Phrase. It’s super fast paced and sooo fun. I wonder if it’s similar to your game Blurt. Playing word games with grandparents is good for endless laughs. So good. Great post, I’ll keep it around for our upcoming games night! Happy holidays!

  3. Heh, we used to play Monopoly in our family all the time. Of course, we had our own much simpler, much gentler rules (mostly because no one had ever bothered to read the instructions—I was shocked to find out the actual rules later in life).

    I come from an older time. (I realized this when you wrote about how your family would put on a “CD”… what is this “CD” thing of which you speak? We had a “record player.”) We were more likely to play Pickup Sticks or Gin Rummy. Or be told to go play outside. There were many toys outside: Rocks™ and Sticks® and all the Dirt© you can imagine!

    Blows my mind the kind of toys kids can have today, but there is something so basic and engaging and family about a simple board game. It’s not really the game, is it. It’s the being together.

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