I Can See Clearly Now…

…Because I finally got some new glasses!

Regular readers may remember a post from August, entitled “Andrea Smash” in which I showed you a picture of my glasses held together by tape, and told you that I broke them.

Well.  Time passed.  I ran out of scotch tape.  I bought some more.  But I never made an appointment for the eye doctor…

Until last week!  But then I got the flu…So I rescheduled!  But then I was still sick…So I rescheduled again!  And yesterday, the day finally came.

It couldn’t have come any sooner either – because this is what my old glasses looked like when I pulled them out of my purse to show the opthamologist’s:


So now five months later, not only do I have frames that hold themselves together, but I also have a new prescription and lenses that aren’t scratched.  I can see again!

Plus, as insurance, I got two pairs, so I should be seeing clearly for a few more years yet :)

Unfortunately, I discovered that no matter how much I love the look of them on the racks, I CANNOT wear glasses that are rounded instead of squared off.  Oh man, I’m wishing I had taken a picture now, just so I could show you how ridiculous I looked in some of the glasses I thought were the most adorable, before I actually put them on my face.

Luckily, I still walked away with almost exactly what I wanted – even the color.  In the past I’ve usually gone for burgundies and blacks, but this year I had fun with it and went green!

Here are my new readers:


Polo by Ralph Lauren – A dark emerald/forest green on the outside and tortoiseshell on the inside (Click here to see the close-up and description from LensCrafters).


Ray-Ban – A dark tortoiseshell on the outside and an emerald green on the inside (Click here to see the close-up and description from Ray-Ban).

And here’s a picture of me without glasses, because I don’t actually wear them that often :P


So what do you think – which pair is your favorite?  Do you wear glasses?  What for?  What shapes and colors do you usually choose, and why?


8 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now…

  1. They both look great! I wear glasses all the time and have two pairs. One pair is purple with black arms and the other are black with purple arms. I always struggle to find a pair I like and prefer not to wear them but I need them for most things. Good luck with your new pairs!

  2. They’re cute! I did wear non-descript colors for several years, at least as often as I remembered to put them on, but my most recent pair is red. I complained that they wouldn’t match most my outfits, a complaint shooed away by the ladies helping me find a new pair. I’m glad for their shooing away, because I love my “new” glasses. (I realized quotation marks were needed when it dawned on me they’re actually eleven months old.)

  3. Great frame choices and I love the larger geeky-chic look! As an Optical Specialist I give you 2 thumbs up. Also, it looks like you opt’d for non-glare lenses…fabulous choice and it’ll save you from lots of fatigue on the eyes as a computer blogger!
    Shall we have a funeral for the broken vogues? ;)

  4. Dude. My whole selecting glasses eye appointment is an experience. I get all crazy. First hair up then the hair down. Tilt to the left, tilt to the right, and after one hour I pick the winners.All kinds of scrutiny just to see which pair looks best on me :)

  5. I vote for the Ray-Bans and for the smile in the third pic (the smile is a knockout).

    Yeah, I’ve worn glasses since kindergarten, and I was that guy who always had his glasses taped (combo of being poor and playing outside a lot). I’ve gotten much better at making them last now. I usually go with steel frames.

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