Yummy! A Post for A Delicious Sandwich

*Note: WordPress is being a you-know-what, and wouldn’t let me resize any pictures today – so this post might look a little disproportionate, sorry about that!

The other night I was absolutely craving a Tuna Melt for dinner, and although I haven’t been feeling well enough to cook very much lately, nothing else would do!  Luckily they’re easy to whip up, and pretty satisfying too.

Since so many of you enjoyed my pumpkin cheesecake recipe, I thought it might be fun to share my tuna melt recipe with you today. (Don’t get too used to it though…I have very few of my “own” recipes – mostly I just steal from Martha Stewart! :P)


Never fear – following the recipe won’t lead to burnt bread, I just like it that way!!  It won’t turn out a funny yellow/green color either, that’s just my poor kitchen lighting.


Click the image above to save – print it out on a plain 4×6 index card for your recipe box at home.


The finished product – yum!!

Does WordPress hate you today too, or is it just me?  What’s one of your favorite sandwiches?


5 thoughts on “Yummy! A Post for A Delicious Sandwich

  1. Your sandwich looks nice, even if I don’t eat tuna. As for WordPress, it was giving me headaches the other day as my edit bar above the text box was completely gone. I couldn’t add links, undeline my text or use spell check. It was finally back today, thank goodness. Hope your WordPress troubles disappear soon.

  2. That looks absolutely delicious! I will definitely have to try this. I love tuna, though I may have to replace the onion with sweet corn or something. We don’t have a good relationship.

  3. I haven’t made this in a while; it’s a sandwich I invented for a buddy’s health food restaurant. Start by toasting some good whole grain bread and then melt some Swiss cheese on it. Then mash unsalted sunflower seeds into the cheese, pour some hot salsa on that and then a big wad of mung bean sprouts. Yummy!

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