Signs in Unexpected Locations

As some of you may know, I’m not very good at keeping fish alive. However, I have one fish who has of yet beaten the odds, and swims happily about her tank as we speak. But, because I’m totally paranoid that I’m going to kill her, any time I go into the kitchen I have to walk by the tank, just to make sure…

Last night, I walked by the tank, and she was being extraordinarily active – just swimming like mad all around, so I bent down and I was all, “Aw, what you so excited about little fishy?” and talked to her in my best fish voice – when suddenly, something at the top of the tank caught my eye. I looked closer.

It was a Ladybug.

Now, I didn’t take the time to take a picture, because it was drowning and looked quite unhappy, so instead I quickly scooped it out with a spoon and set on the leaf of a rosebush right outside my front door. But here’s a picture of the top of the tank, and I’d like you to notice one thing:

Fish Tank

There’s a lid on it. It’s totally closed (the other side looks exactly the same). I have NO IDEA how a Ladybug could possibly have gotten into my fish tank at one o’clock in the morning, in November no less.

And when things that shouldn’t possibly be able to happen, happen, I’m inclined to take that as a sign.

I’m sure some people might shrug such an occurrence off as strange, or highly unlikely, and probably not take it as a sign. But I just can’t help thinking – what’s a Ladybug’s average lifespan in a fish tank? Probably not very long. How many minutes a day do I really spend hanging out with my fish? Probably about…2 total. What are the odds of a Ladybug getting into a closed fish tank in the first place? Unless you’re Ladybug MacGyver, probably pretty close to zero. So what are the chances that I would come along at the exact right time to save a crazy bug from certain death?

Obviously, I had to look up the meaning behind Ladybugs. And it turns out that it was a very good sign indeed!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

In fact, the Ladybug is a symbol for luck, love, and protection. There is an traditional belief in some Asian cultures that if a caught Ladybug is released, it will fly to your true love and whisper your name in their ear, to bring you together. I sure like the sound of that!

The number of spots on a Ladybug’s back is said to indicate how many blessings are coming your way. The way they resolutely march in a straight line towards food or shelter symbolizes for us, the ability to let life unravel as it will, with the trust that things will end up exactly as they need to be, and without worry. Also, they are one beetle that has always been considered a good omen by farmers, because they control the aphid population – therefore they represent the power of protection, and the ability to keep the pests in our own life away.


So the next time you’re asking the universe for a sign, keep in mind that they often turn up in unexpected locations – like fish tanks.

How do you think the Ladybug managed to get into the fish tank? What was the last sign you received, that came from an unexpected place?

More information on the Lady Bug Totem:
The Ladybug –
Spirit Lodge Totem Library: Ladybug


7 thoughts on “Signs in Unexpected Locations

  1. I totally believe its a ‘sign’ , You say your totally paranoid about the remaining fish surviving, well you were just given the chance the save the life of a helpless little creature and you did..hence freeing you from the guilt you keep feeling over the other little fish. (that’s how I see it anyway) as for the ladybug ( in U.K. we call them ladybirds) keep your eyes open, maybe you will see more of them ( in pictures, shop windows..whatever) maybe its your totem animal or maybe it was just one of those things!..sometimes stuff happens we just cant explain..but from my experience its always a sign..maybe a sign also that your more open to things than you realised. there you go hon, thats my little speech. fabulous post as always. love Ceri xx

    • A friend found a ladybug in her tank crawling on the filter. It’s huge!
      They must be in food, rocks etc. Kinda cool!

  2. Maybe the bug was a sign that your fish needs more protein. I think it’s funny how lady bugs are considered cute so their lives are spared while every other insect that is caught in someone’s home is crushed like a bug…literaly.

  3. I started to write that I don’t ask for signs, I just always try to be aware of and open to them. But… I do ask for signs. And almost always, they are found in the most unexpected places. I like that part… it makes me think the Universe is having fun, too! I imagine it sitting back and giggling, and thinking, “Hmm… will Andrea find the ladybug?!?!”

  4. You know I’ve heard of that ladybug luck and it tripped me out in college when I heard the story. Every time I crossed campus I’d be checking for ladybugs anywhere, even a Ladybug MacGyver, just to see if it would land my way so that I could get a dude to look over at my Chapstick self. But I got to hand it to the ladybug … it totally busted an A-Team MacGyver Mission Impossible entrance into the fish tank. I guess it was really thirsty.

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