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Ben and Kate:  2 3/4 Stars – This show is actually an odd one for me because when I’m not watching it, I tend to think that I don’t like it?  But once it’s on I find myself enjoying it more than I thought I would.  The plot follows a single mother who suddenly finds her life even more hectic when her older brother moves in to “help”.  The first few episodes struggled to hold my attention, but now that the characters have had more of a chance to develop there have been a few truly laugh out loud moments. My only issue with the show is that the daughter is sort of a background character – there are some episodes that seem like they would work equally as well if she wasn’t in them!  That’s disappointing because it’s not what I expected based on the previews. Also, it was advertised as much more of a family show than it really is.  I would actually put it on the “questionable” list – the Halloween episode is one I would especially avoid if I had kids.  Ben and Kate airs Tuesday nights at 8:30p on Fox.

Photo Credit: Fox

The Mindy Project: 2 1/2 Stars – The Mindy Project is fun for several reasons.  For one, there are a lot of pop culture references, and for two, everyone has a friend like Mindy!  There are also some pretty fantastic one-liners.  The only problem I have with it is that it seems so unrealistic.  I just can’t see the character of Mindy ever having the drive to become a doctor in the first place.  There’s something else that seems off somehow as well, though I can’t quite put my finger on it.  I guess this is similar to Ben and Kate in that I never really think I like it that much until I’m watching it!  I’m still unsure if I’m going to stick with this one because it’s on at the same time as The New Normal, which I enjoy much more, but I’m going to give it a few more episodes at least.  I can see a lot of teenaged girls enjoying this show a lot though.  The Mindy Project airs Tuesday nights at 9:30p on Fox.

Both shows are showing pretty poor ratings however, so I’d say there’s only about a 50/50 chance we’ll see them returning for a second season.

Have you been watching Ben and Kate or The Mindy Project?  What do you think?


4 thoughts on “What I’m Watching

  1. I really enjoyed the first episode of The Mindy Project, but I haven’t been able to finish the second one. I might give it a fourth (fifth?) shot again in the future depending on whether I’ve run out of other things to watch.

    I’ve never seen the other one. The New Normal, OTOH, is one of the few shows this year that I’ve kept interested in for more than three-four episodes.

    • That’s how I feel about The Mindy Project as well! I honestly think if I had watched it when it was on, instead of OnDemand with the ability to pause, I would have gotten distracted halfway through. As it was, I kept popping up to do other things and then rushing back to pause it when I remembered that I had to actually watch it if I was going to write about it :P

      I agree about The New Normal though. I think it’s one of the best new shows this season, and I’m hoping that as it gets more into the rhythm of things it will get even better :)

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