Are You Ready To Vote?

A Quick Note:  Politics can often be a divisive topic, but it’s also an important one.  I recognize that not everyone who reads this post will share the same views, however I ask that all comments remain polite, and that you steer away from arguments – and please make sure your presence on any blogs I have linked to remains polite as well.

I’m not normally a political person…Okay, that’s not true.  I’m actually quite a political person, but I try to keep to that old adage and not talk about politics or religion.  But with the Presidential election merely days away in the United States and so much at stake for our country with this election, it’s more important than ever to speak up.

Especially for women.

Why is it so important for women?

Because women, like Alice Paul, had to fight for the right to vote!  And after all of that work, it would be an incredible shame to give up that right and silence ourselves by choice.

Because, as Dorothy so eloquently put it over at The Arts and Cats Movement, the personal is the political – and this election is getting pretty personal if you’re a woman.

But honestly, this election is not just important to women, it’s important to everyone, because it will determine the direction our country goes for the next four years.  There are a lot of hot button issues at the forefront this year – women’s reproductive rights, healthcare and social services, the economy, and gay marriage just to name a few – and everyone’s voice matters.  Especially in a race as close as this one.  There really is No Room For Lame Excuses when it comes to not voting!

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No question today…just get out there and vote!


8 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Vote?

    • I will, promise! :)

      It’s funny you should say that too, I was just thinking yesterday about how people from other countries must watch our elections with a kind of morbid/fearful curiosity…Especially our neighbors to the north!

  1. Thank you, Andrea!

    I’m going through and reading all the other posts.

    My home town was hit so very hard by the Hurricane, that saying it was devastated is understatement, rather than hyperbole. And as they are asking about water and sewers and power and schools and hospitals, they are asking how they can vote. Many of these people lost everything but their lives, and they want to know how they can vote. Tells me… there is no excuse, not a one, for anyone else not to vote. Not a one.

    I voted yesterday. It felt like something positive I could do, as silly as that sounds. And, even more, it felt good.

    • Oh that doesn’t sound silly at all! What a great point – amid all of the disaster, there was still a question of “how can we vote?” That is the true spirit of our country! It really does leave no excuse for not voting to those with many more privileges.

      I’m sorry to hear about your hometown. How difficult that must be, I really can’t imagine…I hope that your friends and loved ones are safe, at the very least!

  2. Voting is indeed a privilege, I almost did not vote this year. I got so fed up with everything going on, but as I prayed on it I was reminded of what women went through to get the right to vote and have our voice heard. So yes after much prayer, I am voting and I am proud to go on Tuesday along with the spirit of the women from long ago who paved the path for us today. Patty

    • Election times can definitely be a stressful time of the year – campaign ads and so much finger pointing, he said/she said. But I’m glad that you were able to look past the lame politicking and go with what you felt in your heart. You’re right, every time we cast a vote, we are doing so with the spirit of many women behind us!

  3. Hi there, I want to thank you for posting this very important message. I’ve already early voted so I don’t have to worry about all the long lines. I hope people will consider their vote carefully and will vote in their best interest.

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