The “Look” Challenge!

I had the pleasure of being tagged in the “Look Challenge” by Wanton Creation the other day, and I’m pretty excited to participate in it today.

The Look Challenge is a challenge for bloggers who are also writers, and it’s a fun way to get to know each other, and to share a little bit of our writing without giving too much of the story away.  The only thing you have to do is search for the word “look” in any of your current works in progress, and then copy/past the surrounding paragraph into your blog post to share.  Then, tag 5 other writers and pass on the challenge!

This is especially scary/exciting for me, because although I have shared a fair amount of my writing here on this blog, I’ve never shared an excerpt from one of my books with you before!  I would love to hear what you think, but do keep in mind that this is still the first (un-edited) draft, so please be kind ;)

Apparently I’d used the word nearly 31 times so far in my current manuscript, so I went ahead and chose 3 paragraphs, like my predecessor!

From my book The Cold Case Files of Jane Cross due out November 2013:

1.  “Built to look like a fishing cabin – but about three times as big – the outside was a mixture of shingled wood and river rock.  A wooden porch that seemed to wrap around the entire structure was stained to match the shingle siding, and although I couldn’t see the back of the building from where I was, I knew it had to be just as impressive.  Mr. Price had informed me during one of our conversations that my grandfather had accumulated a large amount of property, which included several out-buildings. Apparently there was even a small stream hidden somewhere just beyond the tree-line that ran the length of the yard.   Exploring all that would have to wait, however, as I had only eaten a rushed breakfast on my way to the airport at the crack of dawn, and I could feel my stomach rumbling.”

2.  ‘“Give me a break, I’m not some helpless little girl! I have managed to live in New York City alone for most of my adult life, you know.  Besides, who knows what else my grandfather might have stashed in the rest of that office, and in the library?  I’m the only one who can go through it all!  Just keep me in the loop for as long as I’m here, okay?  And If I don’t find out anything else useful in the next two days, I promise to leave town on Saturday and not look back.  Deal?”’

3.  “Even though I knew he would never be able to give me the answers to all of my questions, I swore I could still feel his presence encouraging me not to give up until I had solved the puzzle.  The snap of a twig cracked through the stillness, making me suddenly and acutely aware of the fact that it wasn’t a spiritual presence I was feeling, but another, more human one.  Stiffening, I turned slowly to look over my left shoulder into the thicket of trees and bushes behind me.”

Now my nominees!  I pass the torch to these fellow writers:



Notes From The Backseat

Cristian Mihai

Deborah Bryan

I look forward to reading what you all come up with!

And don’t forget – the Fall Goodie Basket Giveaway ends this wednesday at 11:59pm pacific time – if you haven’t entered yet…well, what are you waiting for?? :)


10 thoughts on “The “Look” Challenge!

    • Oops sorry about that, Zen! It can be hard to keep track of what all people have done, sometimes. But it’s the thought that counts, right? ;) I’ll have to go back and read the post!!

      And thank you – it was surprisingly hard to pick a real paragraph, apparently most of the time I use the word “look” it’s to say something short and insignificant like, “Look out!” haha. But I think the 3rd one is my favorite as well :) Glad to know it’s sufficiently creepy!!

    • Thank you! It was a really fun challenge – I feel like reading through some older sections of my work got the creative juices flowing a bit more, even. I have some new ideas percolating now :)

  1. Good work.

    “The same Spirit pervades all,
    any Conflict is actually a Self Conflict which causes Auto-Immune Health Disorders.
    Thus seeing Oneself in every One and every One in Oneself is the best Medicine for all such Illnesses.
    Till that State is reached, Remembering His Name, His form, His Stories is the Best Prescription.”

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