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A couple of comedies for you this week!

Photo Credit: NBC

Animal Practice: 2 Stars. I like this show even though I have no idea where it’s going.  Centered around a veterinarian (Justin Kirk of Weeds fame), and his staff, everything about this show is quirky.  The side characters – who include a monkey – are totally off the wall in a Community sort of way, although they don’t work quite as well (yet, anyways).  The plot lines and three main characters, played by Kirk, JoAnna Garcia, and Tyler Labine, are only slightly less zany.  However, so far the show has done a good job of walking the fine line between out-right-ridiculous and endearing.  In the end this show could still go either way for me.  Though I like seeing both Kirk and Garcia on tv again (Reba is one of my favorite shows), the show’s fate really depends on how well they continue to develop the characters and plot lines so that things don’t get stale after the first season.  We’ll see where they go with it!  Animal Practice airs Wednesday nights at 8p on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC

Guys With Kids: 1 Star.  I just don’t really know what to say about this show.  I enjoy the premise, it’s your basic family comedy, but with a refreshing perspective by centering around the men learning the ropes of raising kids.  Unfortunately, however, they’re still shown as the more inept parents.  It gets a few chuckles, but overall something about the show falls flat.  It seems to me like they’re trying too hard, attempting to cram in as many laughs as possible.  You can almost see the thought process that went into the script – instead of the jokes flowing naturally/conversationally, they come across as staged and forced.  I become acutely aware that I was watching actors play for laughs on a screen, much more so than any other show so far this season.  I don’t want to give up on it because I keep hoping it will get better, but at this point I’m thinking it’s going to be the first to fall by the wayside – especially because it airs at the same time as The Neighbors!  (Upon doing research for this post I discovered it was created by Jimmy Fallon, which immediately explained my feelings.  I always find myself feeling like his comedy is forced.)  Guys With Kids airs Wednesday nights at 8:30p on NBC

Have you been watching Animal Practice or Guys With Kids?  What do you think?


9 thoughts on “What I’m Watching

  1. I haven’t watched either of these shows – not sure if we even get them here. I’ve only just begun to watch tv after a long break (not for any reason – I just got sick of it). I am quite enjoying it again!

    • It can be pretty easy to get sick of TV – there are times when all of the shows seem the same and nothing is new! But when there’s something good on, I agree, it can be nice to sit back and enjoy some entertainment for a little while. I’m glad you’re finding some laughs again :)

      • Pity. The former sounded like it might be something, but the latter sounded dull to me (haven’t seen either). I’ve enjoyed Justin Kirk a lot on Weeds over the years, and was looking forward to checking out the show “one of these days.”

  2. I only watched the pilot because there wasn’t anything that I watched in the time. I didn’t like the show overall, I think it’s a bit too quirky, but I fell in love with Crystal. The monkey Tebowing last week was one of the funniest scenes on tv in a long time. I stuck with it to see what she did each week.

    • Yes! The monkey was totally the hit of the show, when she tebowed, I CRACKED up. But I agree with you, it was pretty quirky, and I think that made it hard to really get into.

      It was very much in the vein of Community – and even though Community is a big hit they’ve still cancelled it/almost cancelled it several times. I think the only way it would have worked out is if the two shows were in time slots next to each other and not up against any other major primetime hits, (like you said, the only reason you tuned in was because there wasn’t anything else on at the same time). So in the end it makes sense that it was cancelled.

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