Who Are You, Essentially?

Do you ever forget who you are?  I never thought it could happen to me.  In fact, I was so busy knowing who I was that I didn’t even realize that I was lost.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection lately.  And one of the things I’ve discovered during all of this thinking, is that it’s actually significantly easier to lose yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of life than you might think.

Every day we get caught up in relationships, routines, and errands, and our lives are led at a hectic pace.  When was the last time you stopped and took stock of it all?

For me it happened when I got sick, and I had little else to do than sit on my butt and ponder the mysteries of the universe.  (I haven’t gotten very far on that one…)  But I did discover that somewhere along the line I had started to lose my focus.

Part of me even thinks that’s why I got sick.  It was the universe’s way of telling me I was going the wrong direction.

The other day I read a quote that said, “Focus on what has always been essentially you.”  Although I read it and liked it at the time, it was only after sitting with that thought for a few days that the concept really started to blossom inside me.

What is essentially me?

Music.  I love music.  It’s part of my soul.  If it weren’t for music, I’m not sure I could exist!  My car radio died the other day and I almost couldn’t go anywhere – what’s a drive without singing along to the radio??

It’s a part of my best – and worst – memories.  There are songs I can’t listen to without flashing back to the hallways of high school, old boyfriends, or friends who used to play them on repeat.

If someone asked me to describe myself, it would be a million times easier if I could just play them a few of my favorites songs.

Once I realized this, I hopped on to the computer and made myself a playlist full of songs that make me feel the most like…me, and I’ve been listening to it whenever I need a little motivation.  It turned out to be quite a long list!

Here’s a(n extremely) condensed version of my “Essentially Andrea Playlist” (hence the pt. one at the top – you may see a follow up one day).  I tried not to pick too many songs I’ve already shared with you. I hope you enjoy!

What is essentially you?  Which artists or songs would be on your “Essentials Playlist”?  What is your favorite thing to do when you’re trying to get your groove back?


22 thoughts on “Who Are You, Essentially?

  1. Fantastic post – got me thinking again (will you stop doing that? hehe) I think I may have lost a ot of myself over the last few months of our traumas. Blogging has kind of saved me but, apart from that, I am very interested in what you have to say here because I was taught at uni. that essentialism was a nono – ie. that we make ourselves into being etc.You really have inspired me to get out of my self-indulgent mudhole! Jx

    • It can be so hard to stay “you” during crises – especially as The Guat mentioned in a comment below – for us women. It seems we’re often the ones multi-tasking and paying attention to everyone else instead of ourselves! It’s so good to hear that blogging has been a way of bringing that part of you back. And it’s been great to read your posts as you’ve been exploring some of your new-found strength :) I’m so glad you can relate and that it made you think, it means a lot to hear that. Thank you, and hugs!

  2. Music is my medicine! It makes my soul feel good no matter what life throws my way. It has the power to make cleaning the house bearable! My favorite most uplifting, empower-me song is “Reclaim Your Power” by Temba Spirit :) because every moment is the perfect moment to reclaim my power! Great post Andrea!

    • :) I’m always happy when I can share musical tastes with friends, glad you enjoy some of them as well!

      My whole family loves the arts – my oldest brother works in theatre, my next older brother works in film, and I was a cinema studies major Lol ;) I think music, movies, and books have been such an important influence in our lives because of how we grew up that they really are how we define ourselves!

  3. Anything Christmas! I listen all year long. I love the fun silly songs of Christmas, the traditional carols and definitely the hymns that we all love…Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Joy to the World, etc… As I have learned to meditate I have found it is nature that rejuvenates me – each season brings out a positive part of me. I really enjoy your insightful articles –

    • I love Christmas music too! My friends tease me about it, because I could listen to it all year round as well. Especially Willie Nelson’s album “Pretty Paper” – I fell in love with it when I was little and now it has a very special place in my heart :)

      And yes, nature is a great way to find “you”. Somehow it seems like nature manages to encompass so much stillness and peace, and yet, so much activity and growth and change at the same time!

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Blessings to you!

  4. I love this post. Most times chicks do get lost. We’re the queens of multitasking to the tenth hour. I used to lose myself all the time, still happens every once in a while but I try to keep myself in check. Music sometimes brings me back, true that! But the thing that always does it for me was this old picture of myself that I found in some random book buried at the bottom of a box. I was looking some supplies and I ended up finding myself. (of course I had to write a post about it.) The picture wasn’t anything spectacular. It was just the expression on my face … I looked at it and said: where the hell have you been? Ever since then, I keep that picture close just to remind me … of me. It sort of initiated the whole Happiness Project thing I’m going through, which incidentally has music…everyday. Music totally brings me back to me.

    And your playlist…dude…an awesome part I. I must have listed to that Wallflowers song like twenty times a day when it came out. Just love it. The Tom Petty, Jack Johnson tracks as well as that Garth Brooks song also make the “me” list. Great songs :) Can’t wait to see your Part II.

    • Oh I absolutely love that! I’ll have to go read your post about it. I think you’re right, it’s so easy to start paying attention to everyone else but ourselves…everyone should have a picture like that they can pull out and look at for a reminder every now and then :)

      And can I just say how stoked I am to have found you in this blogging world? Ahh, I love that we love the same music and tv shows :D Seriously, I wore that Wallflowers song out when it first came out!

      There will definitely have to be a Part II…it was sooo hard to condense the list and even now I’m still thinking “oh, but I really should have added this song to it…”

  5. Love your playlist! Two of my favorites are David Gilmore singing “Dimming of the Day, and the Scorpions “Life is Too Short” No matter my mood, I put these on and sing at the top of my lungs — and everything is instantly better!! Thanks for a great post!

    • Those are great additions! Especially Hey Jude, I was raised on The Beatles, they will always hold a very special place in my heart :) It seems like no matter what generation the song was written in, there are certain classics that can speak to everyone – that’s another thing I love about music – it brings people together!

  6. I don’t know if it is that we forget who we are, as much as we are always growing and changing, and so we don’t always recognize ourselves. At least… that’s how it feels to me, and pretty much what I wrote in this post. The songs change all the time, but music, always a constant. And the post I link to from that post, well… I have a feeling “Iris” will always be my song. Or, at least, one of them. :-)

    • That’s a good way of putting it as well! You’re right, we get to be many different versions of ourselves throughout our lifetimes, but music has such an amazing way of holding onto a memory or a feeling…it will always be a constant reminder of who we were when we fell in love with that song. Thank you for showing me another way of thinking about it!

      And Iris is a great song, I love it :)

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