A Halloween Haunt

Since I’m a little too old for trick-or-treating these days, and not quite old enough to have any trick-or-treater’s of my own, one of my favorite parts about Halloween is decorating the house.  Every year I go into the garage and haul out the boxes, hoping I won’t find any REAL spiders when I pull everything out.

A lot of the decorations are sentimental, I have a hair-sprayed cheese-cloth ghost hanging in my kitchen that I made when I was five.  The Spooky Houses on my mantel are from the first Halloween I spent in my house.  Some were fun projects – last year I made the mice cut-outs above the bookshelf between the dining room and the living room, and the bats for the lamp shades.  Put together, I think they make the house feel cozy and festive for the Halloween season!

Here are some pictures to get you in the Halloween Spirit:



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I was hoping to post some shots of the outside today too, but I haven’t carved any pumpkins yet (didn’t want them to rot before Halloween!) so it’s not quite finished :)

Do you decorate for Halloween?  What is your favorite Halloween activity or decoration?


24 thoughts on “A Halloween Haunt

  1. I kind of decorated for Halloween in that I have ceramic pumpkins up… and I want to paint one pumpkin and carve another. I think that would be just festive enough for me. I love the idea of decorating but I have a strong aversion to collecting stuff… I argue with myself about it all the time.

    • I love painting pumpkins! They last so much longer than the ones you carve :) And I hear you on the aversion to collecting stuff – I kinda have a tendency to do that. Although, I always think I have a ton of decorations when I pull everything out, but by the time I get them all scattered around the house it never seems like that much.

      Maybe if you got a few things at the dollar store you wouldn’t get as attached to them or feel as bad about not keeping them forever – then you could just donate things to Goodwill or something if you needed to :)

  2. I too adore decorating the house (and my yard) for Halloween! Your decorations are wonderful. Love the ‘special’ at the diner! And the rats… all of it. Well done. My inner child has so much fun pulling the 2 bins from the garage and putting the bats all over our front door, and a graveyard set up in a corner of the yard. Also orange lights go around the outside of the door and pumpkin lights go all around the shrub near the door. Hubby and son and I all enjoy carving pumpkins, so we usually have 6 or more going down the steps and out to the sidewalk. I usually take one small pumpkin and cut stars out all over it… turns out really pretty! A nice balance with the scary Jack-o-lanterns we also carve. I have 80 treat bags all ready for the kids. My neighbours go all out too so we’re a popular area! Sorry Australia misses out on this odd tradition. I sure get a kick out of it! Thanks for a really fun post Andrea! Cheers, Gina

    • I love it! It sounds so festive!! Orange lights for outside are on my list to buy next year, as are a few more outdoor decorations. I try to add a couple of new decorations every year so I’m not tempted to spend too much all at once :P I bet trick-or-treaters just love coming up your walkway! So glad you get into the tradition too, and that you enjoyed the post :)

    • It is a pretty nice tradition :) Especially when you’ve got kids around. They are ADORABLE in their costumes and really have fun with it. I’m sure you’ve got a few fun celebrations that we’re missing out on too!

  3. I love your decorations! Especially that ghost by the mugs. Looks spooky. ;) Unfortunately we don’t celebrate Halloween here; I would’ve liked to participate in it.

    • Thank you! That’s the ghost I made when I was five. It’s my favorite decoration for any holiday, I think :)

      It surprised me how many countries didn’t celebrate Halloween until I thought about it and realized that MOST places don’t really have reason to…we just stole it from Mexico and turned it into something totally different… *facepalm*

      BUT – it is pretty fun, especially when people get really into it. And there’s pretty much nothing cuter in the universe than children dressed up in crazy costumes lol.

  4. I like going all out for Halloween too. It’s a great holiday. I don’t go all scary, but the fun Halloween stuff. It’s good to bust out the spirit every once in a while.

    • I agree! It livens up the gray days a little :) I’m not big on scary either, just because I don’t want to freak my own self out going for a glass of water in the middle of the night! Lol

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  6. I guess I’m not much the decorator, but the ex- was, so we did it up pretty big on Halloween and Christmas (and Easter). We even bought the spray cobweb stuff. (I believe Halloween now ranks second only to Christmas when it comes to holiday spending.)

    Favorite activity: definitely the parties we used to throw. Usually with all the food in orange and/or black (I’d make the black berry margaritas), and we’d have cauldrons of hot water and dry ice in the corners… lots of fun.

    Favorite decoration: gotta go with the ex- dressed up as a (sexy) witch!

    Where I live now, I don’t even get trick-or-treaters and end up being forced (oh, the pain) to eat all the candy I bought myself! World sure has changed since I was a kid. Local hospitals often offer free candy x-raying service….

    • I love the fake cobweb stuff, but I’m afraid that would be more a decoration for the cats and would only end up with me chasing them all around the house trying to catch them before they eat it, so I’ve held off putting any up for the past few years…lol

      It sounds like those were some pretty festive parties though, I’m sure they were a lot of fun! I’ve never been to a Halloween party where anyone actually went the dry ice route before, but I’ve always wanted to throw one someday :)

      What a bummer to miss out on the trick-or-treaters though! They’re the best part! I guess not such a bummer to have the leftover candy of course…I alway make sure to buy extra, myself, haha. I’ve definitely heard about how much Halloween has changed, but I think I’m lucky enough to live in a place where people still embrace the tradition of trick-or-treating. (We’re pretty well known for our hippies – x-rays for injuries are rare enough, x-rays for candy? No way!)

      • Yeah, cats would probably find it hard to resist!

        Dry ice is fun; I’ve always loved the effect (used it in some theatre productions as well). You have to constantly tend it, though. The chunks tend to freeze water around them, and that coats them blocking further action.

        I read an article recently that says Halloween has been largely usurped by adults, and is the second spendiest holiday after Christmas. I’d say the ex- definitely has as many Halloween decorations as she does Christmas ones.

      • I know! I was amazed at how much people were expected to spend on their pets for Halloween, even!

        Although I really don’t know that many adults that get into it. I live in kind of a weird spot, a lot of ex hippies, and there’s a pretty big anti-commercialization attitude – the “cool” thing to do is NOT to participate in any sort of mainstream activity that might actually be fun. Hence my mostly ambivalent feelings to the holiday, unless kids are involved :P

        Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter etc seem to get a bit more recognition. But Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve and The 4th of July are basically interchangeable and seem only to be celebrated as an excuse for drinking copiously. The best 4th of July I’ve ever experienced was celebrated in Idaho – I had no idea people actually got that into the spirit of things!

        It’s kind of a bummer, but I do my best to bring some joy to them anyways :)

      • Wow! You must be hanging out with the wrong sort of hippies! The ones I know are all way into Halloween as a great party concept. Costumes, fun with food and decoration, all homemade and very secular (even got that Earth Mother harvest bounty celebration thing going for it — almost as good as winter solstice!).

        I can see St.Pat’s and NYE and 7/4… but Halloween is usually a blowout! Gotta bring your crowd the joy, indeed!

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