Why I Don’t Have A Boyfriend (Pt. 5)

(My posts have been a little more serious than normal this week – but here’s a light-hearted one just in time for Friday!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!)

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Dancing around the living room to a Hanson cover of a Taylor Swift song the other day, I realized…This is why I don’t have a boyfriend.

I just can’t stop listening to “We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together.”  Mostly by Taylor Swift.  But occasionally I’ll mix it up with the Hanson cover of the song because I’m an 11 year old girl at heart…

Me during the original Hanson years

…and because, like my sister-in-law who shared the video with me, I still love them.

Cleaning the house.  In the shower.  Driving with the windows down and the stereo UP.

Cause weeeee are never. ever. ever. getting back together!


How much do you love/hate this song?  Do you have a guilty pleasure song?  Why are you still single?


19 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Have A Boyfriend (Pt. 5)

    • It really is! Even my stepdad loves it, which I think is hilarious. But I couldn’t agree more, there’s really nothing worse than a song stuck in your head all day. Especially when you only know the lyrics to the chorus!

    • Haha, yeah, it’s definitely one of those love it or hate it type songs, so I can respect that :) But I agree, I think everyone could probably relate to the lyrics at some point in their life! I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the comment!

  1. I enjoyed your post.. and look forward to the day that love just knocks you down and gathers you up again… I’ve been in love for 39 years with my wife… and it happened when I least expected it… I enjoy your posts… one day it will get you….

  2. This was the first time I had seen the video of Taylor’s new song, and I just fell in love with it and her, all over again. She makes me feel like a teenager again, and she always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing ♥

  3. After listing to the Taylor Swift version, the Hanson version is kinda “meh.” Liked the Swift tune, though. I don’t tend to follow pop artists, but that’s lack of time, not lack of interest. I’m pretty inclusive with my musical taste…. You know how many people say they like all music… except for rap (or except for opera)? Well I like rap and opera, too. (Japanese Kabuki music is probably pushing it, though.)

    I suppose if I did have any shame about my musical taste, it might be admitting how much I love Neil Diamond, Simon & Garfunkel, The Bangles and a few Toto tunes. I suspect my musical catalog dates me more than embarrasses me! (And I got no shame… no shame at all!)

    Still single… I like to say it’s because I haven’t found anyone that can both put up and keep up with me. I’m interested in so many things, and I like to explore, so it’s hard to find someone who has that same spirit. And I have a very analytical, precise, scientific mind… that’s the putting up with part.

    I think more seriously, two things: Maybe I’ve never found that person who could accept my flaws in favor of my strengths and make a permanent commitment. I’ve been in quite a few relationships, but none have lasted. And, second thing, maybe I really am a hermit at heart. I do love the whole no-accountability thing. Sleep when I want, stay up all night if I want, spend my income on what I want, watch what I want on TV… I have traded all that for the love, but since it seems I can never count on someone going the distance, at this point, I’m prone to say I’m done and now a “confirmed bachelor.”

    • The Taylor Swift version IS much better, it’s a bit too high for the Hanson guys I think, but I still just enjoy them so much for some reason.

      I was always one of those people that says they enjoy everything but rap and opera!!! Haha but I think you’ll find that’s kind of a lie. I’m like you, a broad spectrum of musical tastes, and I think it’s pretty safe to say there’s a song I like in ALMOST every genre, (Although I have to admit I still don’t like opera) and I listen to country significantly more than rap/r&b.

      It’s interesting you say your music dates you – perhaps I know an odd group of people, but I’d say the majority of my friends would list music from well before their generation among some of their favorites! I love Billie Holiday, and one of my best friends wouldn’t allow anything to be played in his car except Led Zeppelin during high school (in 2004).

      I can relate to the hermit thing also – I’m a big fan of doing my own thing whenever I feel like it, and even though I’m social I’m also an introvert. My friends have started to pretend like it’s a special occasion when I finally go out with them. Although I tend to consider myself more of a nun than a confirmed bachelor (I just really look good in black and white) :P I think going with the flow, being you, and doing your own thing is the right way to go about it. If you find someone who makes you change your mind, well that’s cool, but if not, at least you’re enjoying yourself :)

      • Well, Jesus Christ, Superstar is opera, and so is Tommy, so I’d bet there is some opera you like (are there spoken words in Godspell?… can’t recall, but that might be opera, too). With “real” opera, the trick is to enjoy the music and the amazing singing.

        Heh, by “dates me” I mean that those songs were current when I first liked them! :D

        Yep, exactly. A social introvert. Love the parties with friends, but gotta have plenty of alone time to stay sane. And I know what you mean… I’ve got friends who express amazement if I even answer the phone sometimes (I swear, you go through a period of self-imposed isolation, and they never let you live it down).

        And, again, right: I’m not closed to love, but it’s not looking good at this point, so might as well enjoy life as much as possible. If someone comes along who wants to join the fun in a permanent way, that would be really wonderful. But if not, well, it is what it is.

  4. I don’t check the “Freshly Pressed” blogs. For some reason, I did the other day, and saw yours. (I know, I know, The Universe at work.) And had so much to say, but… it was “Freshly Pressed” and it’s not like I had anything all that different to say. But, I had “pocketed” it, and so opened it today and saw the link to this post. And my inner 14 year old, who has her own Taylor Swift song, insisted I write. And follow. And so I am, and I did. It’s a much easier life when I do. Sigh.

    Hi. Great blog!

    • I love it when the universe does things like that! Your post was great by the way – You Belong To Me is another fantastic song! What it is about Taylor Swift that brings out your inner teen? She’s not even a teenager herself any longer, and yet we all feel that way when listening to her music. It’s great :) I’m so glad you can relate, thanks for reading!

    • Haha oh man, I loved that song too, and still do! It’s just so dang catchy.

      And I agree, the older you get the easier it is to embrace those things without feeling embarrassed by them. It’s much nicer once you feel comfortable in your own skin :)

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