Inspiring Blog Award

Awards were not something I expected from the blogging world.  To be honest, the first time I received one, I was a little confused.  Does a nomination equal an automatic win?  My insecurities didn’t diminish my excitement, however, and I immediately called my mom and did a happy dance!  There’s nothing quite like being acknowledged by your peers.

Even still, I often wonder if what I write is enough.  You all are such amazing writers, and sometimes I worry I don’t hold up!  But then something happened.  Mimi from Waiting For The Karma Truck, who I consider to be one of the most inspirational bloggers I follow, nominated me for the Inspiring Blog Award!  I can’t quite express to you how amazing it feels, not only to be considered inspirational, but to be considered inspirational by someone who inspires me!

Thank you so much Mimi!!

I would also like to thank Zen Scribbles for nominating me for The Super Sweet Blogger Award!  Since I already have it, I’m not going to do the whole thing twice – but I do want to say acknowledge the nomination!  Thank you, Zen!!

The Rules:
1.  Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to them. (Check!)
2.  Copy and paste the award on to your blog. (Check!)
3.  Share 7 things about yourself. (Read on!)
4.  Nominate 7 other Inspiring Bloggers and let them know on their blog. (Read on!)

7 Things About Me:

1.  I can’t keep houseplants alive to save my life.  I’d really like to be able to though.
2.  I love DIY projects.
3.  In High School I was attacked by a hawk (used for rabbit hunting), who tried to take out my eye.  He didn’t succeed, but I still have a small scar from it.
4.  My favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
5.  I hate odd numbers, but I consider the number 5 an honorary even number because it’s easy to count by.
6.  Even though I love to decorate with colors, I have to force myself to buy clothes in colors other than black or white.
7.  I LOVE plaid.  With pearl snaps.  Black and white plaid is the best thing that has ever existed.

My Nominees!

The Jolyn Project

MissUnderstood Genius

Anxiety Adventures

Cam’s Granny


Falling Down The Creative Well

Mindful Diary

Whew!  That was tough!  So many of you inspire me on a daily basis, it was hard to choose just seven.  Keep on shining your light!

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Blog Award

  1. Congratulations on the award, Andrea! I should’ve paid attention to the awards you received, but I still think you deserve the sweet blogger mention. =]

    I hate odd number too by the way! I always try to even things up, haha.

    • Aw, don’t worry about it! That you thought of me at all is really what I appreciate!!

      Lol, I’m glad I’m not the only one!! In high school my math tutor assigned us the odd numbered problems because the answers were in the back of the book so I could check my work – but I always asked her to let me do the even numbered ones instead! OH man, I’m such a dork :P

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