What I’m Reading

Skein of The Crime by Maggie Sefton

Skein of The Crime is the 8th book in the Knitting Mystery series by Maggie Sefton.

Although this series has always been slower paced, and had fewer page-turning, I-wonder-what’s-going-to-happen moments than others I’ve read, it has always entertained me!  The main character, Kelly, is introduced to us in the first book in the series Knit One, Kill Two, as a CPA from Washington D.C.  She decides to replant herself in her “hometown” of Fort Connor, Colorado in order to solve the mystery of her Grandmother’s murder.

Throughout the rest of the series as Kelly stumbles onto further investigations, we are introduced to an endearing variety of characters – mostly from the local yarn shop Lambspun and the adjoining cafe Pete’s Patio (at the back of each book there is always a knitting pattern and a recipe that was mentioned).  The mysteries are always fun and different, however they do tend to feel less developed than some other series I read.  Kelly and her friends do get in a few scrapes, but as I said above, there are few “heart-pounding” moments.

This book felt particularly lacking, as Kelly did little of the actual investigating herself, and the mystery seemed like a secondary plot rather than the main one.  This is something I have noticed often with mystery writers, especially ones that write “cozy mysteries” – eventually the characters and the setting start to take precedence. Personally, I don’t mind this so much because after I’ve gotten into the series, I like the characters and each book is like visiting old friends.  It does mean though, that this is a series I would recommend reading from the beginning!

Have you read any of the Knitting Mysteries?  What are your thoughts?


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