But Where Did August Go?

It may not technically be fall quite yet, but with Football games underway, days getting shorter, nights getting cooler, leaves beginning to turn and drop, and Labor Day Celebrations afoot, it’s certainly starting to feel like it. (And I can’t wait!!)

Although I’m not a huge fan of summer, and I am already eagerly anticipating the beginning of one of my favorite seasons – autumn – the past few months have still left me with some pretty  amazing memories.  From meeting my nephew for the first time, to reconnecting with some old friends, watching the world come together for the Olympics, publishing my second book, random adventures in the sunshine, and reaching a quarter of a century, it certainly hasn’t been boring!  I even had the most unexpected joy of meeting all of you!

So, Here’s to Summer 2012!

One of the highlights of summer this year was the day I became Queen of the Dinosaur (I was nice and let him have a cupcake).  Normally, I’m not a big celebrator of birthdays.  Something seems to always goes wrong (for the past several years I’ve gotten sick).  That, and a breakup on my 21st, has pretty much soured me on the concept of throwing parties for the most part.  However, this year was an important year, so my friends were determined to make sure I had a good time – and I have to admit it was a great success :)  We met up at my favorite park, had a picnic, and played on the giant concrete dinosaur – I may have turned 25, but I didn’t exactly get older!

Let them eat (cup)cake!

(Dinosaur photo credits go to my good friend and excellent photographer H.T.)

Some other highlights included:

My first solo Puzzle!
Baseball and Zooey were even nice
enough to not send pieces flying all over
the house!

Finding a candy bar that tastes just like Nutella!

Whiskey Gummy Bears and Whiskey Sours:

And adorable cats :)



Want more pictures of cute cats?  Check out The Adventures of Baseball and Zooey!

Yes, Summer may be drawing to a close, but it certainly put on a good show. Although there were days I felt like I would melt from the heat, overall I feel incredibly lucky to live in a place with such a magnificent show of sunshine, free from the fears of forest fires, hurricanes, and droughts!

As we turn towards fall, I can’t help but look forward to the joys of a new season, and I know Autumn won’t disappoint.

What were some of the highlights of your summer?


15 thoughts on “But Where Did August Go?

    • :) Thank you! They’re some of my favorite pictures of me actually, my friend Hideki is an amazing photographer, I don’t know how he caught such great lighting. I wish I could have shared more of his work instead of my own, but I don’t have permission to post pictures of all of the friends that were in the rest!

      And I think that’s fantastic advice – I definitely plan on taking it!!

    • So very true! Now that you mention it, time rarely seems to move at the speed we’d like it to…I guess that’s why you have to do your best to enjoy the moments as they come :)

      Thank you for the comment, and I’m glad you enjoyed them!

  1. I love fall as well. Its just something about the smells and the crisp mornings that make me love it even more every year. A couple of good things this summer. I saw my daughter for the first time in over a year after she stretched her wings and visited with her dad longer than planned. I got to talk to my son who made it home safetly from his mission. Three visits to the ER during summer was “eventful” even if it doesn’t really fall under good. I moved back to Colorado and back in to my childhood room. Again this doesn’t really fall into the good category, but it definately falls under the necessary one. Biggest change this summer, I no longer have my animals and am really missing them…..ALOT! And the must not be forgotten because it is every summer’s ultimate moment, I had a BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Yay for me! Love them!

    • It does sounds like you had an eventful summer! I’m sorry you’re missing your pets, I can imagine that would be a difficult transition, especially after moving! Although I’m sure it’s hard being back in your childhood room at times, I’m glad to hear that you have family who is there for you :) And that you got to see your son and daughter – what blessings!
      Oh, and I can’t forget, Happy belated Birthday!!!

  2. Wow sounds like you have had a great summer! I am glad your birthday turned out well and happy belated birthday!
    My Summer has been good for the most part, celebrated my 1 year with my partner which was lovely.
    Mostly been working though, but did visit Ireland for the first time and have my editing well under way to release my first book (a few months away yet though).
    So a good summer for me too!

    • Thank you!
      It sounds like you had a couple of fun things to look forward to this year :) Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary, and good luck on your editing/publishing process! What a great accomplishment!

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