Uh-Oh…It’s That Time of Year Again!

Photo Credit: GoDucks.com

Time for Football!  The college season’s starting off with a home game, which means that when I was running errands 15 minutes before kick-off, around 7:15pm, it was like driving through a ghost town.  I don’t even want to know what the side of town near the stadium looks like!

Once upon a time, I was not a football watcher, even though I grew up in a football town.  Then I met my ex – his parents DVR’d all the games, so we would literally watch every single one – both the professional and college seasons.  It turns out, I’m actually a huge fan! (And remarkably good at picking the winner).

This year I’m glued to the couch, by myself, watching the first game of the season – and I’m not gonna lie, it smells like roses already ;)

Go Ducks!  Quack Quack!

Are you a fan of the sport?  Which team do you root for, and why?


2 thoughts on “Uh-Oh…It’s That Time of Year Again!

  1. Hi there. So nice meeting you here on wordpress.com You have an interesting web page here. I used to like football way back when…before my team (the Miami Dolphins) started losing every game they played. I stuck with them for several years, but it got to be too painful for me to watch. I used to like the Dallas Cowboys also but then, they got a little too sloppy also. Now I put my energy in my writing and my family.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

    • It can be quite a fun sport to watch, but you’re right, it’s definitely frustrating when your team is on a losing streak! I no longer watch all the games, but I do follow The Ducks because they’re my home team, as well as about three other professional teams.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I wish you luck on your writing :)

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