A Drive Around Town

The other day was a most interesting drive around town!  Even though I was just running errands, the sky was doing amazing things, I saw a church driving down the middle of the freeway, and even encountered a limo in one of the sketchiest neighborhoods we have.

Look at how many different cloud patterns are going on!

Oh hey church!


Sketchy Limo:

Oh, we also ran into (well, not literally) this guy: if you don’t know who The Stig is, you need to watch more Top Gear!  Although, to be honest, I highly doubt The Stig would choose drive that car…




18 thoughts on “A Drive Around Town

  1. Wow those cloud patterns are gorgeous! It sounds like you had a really interesting day on your errands. You must have done some careful driving to get shots like you did. :-)

    • Aren’t they though? It definitely made getting out and taking care of some chores a little more fun :)
      I did my best to try and save most of my snapshot taking for red lights, stop signs, and parking lots (except the pictures of the church, that was just too exciting) – although I think I made a few people behind me mad for not paying attention to when the light finally turned green!! :P

  2. “I saw a church driving down the middle fo the freeway” Was it speeding? ;-D! Sorry! I couldn’t help myself.

    You now officially have my permission to slap me if we ever meet! I see that Diana commented on the same thing–the churchm not the slap). Hopefully the 3 of us are good enough blog friends that you know we’re laughing with you and not at you.

    In my case, I know I’m likely to get a taste of my own medicine all too soon. And when I do, I know I’ll deserve it!

    I enjoyed your post Andrea, and LOVED that line! Thank you for brightening my day!


    • Hahaha oh Russ, I didn’t even think of it that way!!! Oh yes, you’re definitely laughing with me – I am cracking up now thinking of everyone reading that line and thinking how weird I was for being so excited to see a building on the side of the road!! “Wow, she must not get out much…”

      So glad I could bring a smile to your day!! :)

  3. OOPS! I just realized that you REALLY did see a church in the middle of the freewaay. It probably wasn’t driving, but the sentence makes quite a bit more sense now (and sadly, is less funny!) ;-D! I originally read it as though you were trying to say something more along the lines of, “As I was driving down the road I saw a church…” Now I deserve a second slap for goofing up my kidding you about your goof-up! Be gentle. (I bruise easily!);-D! ;-D!

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