What I’m (embarrassed to be) Watching

Okay, I have a confession to make.

I like trashy TV shows.  You probably already guessed it a little bit when I wrote about The Bachelorette – but the problem goes much deeper than that.

I’m honestly a little ashamed to admit it, but I have been known to watch The Bad Girls Club on Oxygen.  It is quite possibly the biggest train wreck I have ever seen. Honestly, these girls are just about the saddest displays of humanity in the world. But I CAN’T STOP WATCHING.

It’s not really my fault. I haven’t been feeling very well lately, so I’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch. And Oxygen always tricks me into it by playing something decent first.  Then, before I know it, they’ve sucked me in by following it up with a marathon of the worst/most addictive programming ever.

Yesterday was probably my lowest moment of all time.  I actually took to google three times, TWICE in one episode. That’s right, google now thinks cranberry juice, dolphin rape, and ham are my new hobbies.  (Which also proves I’m way too old to be watching this s***, I actually have to look up the meaning of slang terms – apparently “going ham” on someone is a thing now. And dolphins are rapists.  She wasn’t lying.)  Thanks for that, Bad Girl’s Club.

I’m not the only one, either.  In fact, before I had even finished typing out “I had plans for that cranberry juice” it popped up as google suggestion #1.

Seriously though! She had plans for that cranberry juice…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go read a book to make up for the brain cells I just lost.

What show do you occasionally watch that you’re embarrassed to admit?


16 thoughts on “What I’m (embarrassed to be) Watching

  1. I’ve watched sex addictions once or twice…never the whole show and when the guy that was in love with his car was featured I decided I was done with that show! ;) c’mon what a catchy title that is!

    • Oh yes, I tried watching that a few times too! I agree, it’s hard not to with a title like that, but I couldn’t stick with it either!

      I also had to give up on the “My Strange Addiction” or whatever it was called, after watching a lady eat her couch cushions…some things are just too much! :P

  2. That’s right, google now thinks cranberry juice, dolphin rape, and ham are my new hobbies.
    I had to read this sentence aloud to Ba.D., who chuckled with mirth equal to mine.

    My favorite bad TV show to date was Secret Circle. I couldn’t for the life of me explain why I watched it–OK, listened to it while doing other things–but I looked forward to its airing every week. I fall asleep to Pretty Little Liars since it’s been gone. Couldn’t tell you a thing about the plot, but I enjoy the background. :p

    • :) Making someone laugh is the best compliment! Thank you!!

      I haven’t seen Pretty Little Liars yet…but it is in my Netflix queue :P I’m glad to know that everyone has something they get sucked into. It’s nice to have a few minutes of the day that don’t require your brain to be on full alert!

  3. Not sure about the dolphin rapists. I know the females are very “promiscuous” because if the males don’t know who the father is, they will all protect the young.

    • Honestly, I thought the idea was so ridiculous! Dolphin rapists? No way! That’s why I had to google it…oddly enough, she was not making it up. Apparently they attack humans. Did not know this!

      • Interesting, dolphins are amazing and complicated creatures. Saw a show about dead porpoises washing up on shore in the U.S. and U.K. What killed them was a mystery until they learned it was dolphins.

  4. Nice Post, we all have our dark side. My tens of fans would be surprised to know that I enjoy watching re-runs of Saved By The Bell ! As far as trashy TV I only watch America;s Funniest Home Videos…HAM is a also a catchy song by Kanye and Jay Z:)

    • Saved by The Bell! Now that is a classic! America’s Funniest Home Videos are pretty good too, remember back in the day when it was hosted by Bob Sagat? Ah…good times…

      Haha, that’s what I found out on my google search. Thank goodness for urban dictionary or I’d be hopeless, apparently! :P

      • Nothing wrong with being a masochist, I always wish I would have spent the time reading though, I once read about the New York sewer system, and it was fascinating, beats these programmes by miles. I’m not weird though, it really is fascinating chck out David Grann’s The Devil and Sherlock Holmes, it has many varied things in it.

      • Oh I know, me too – these days usually occur when I’m too tired/sick to concentrate on a book, or if I’m cleaning the house and need something to keep me entertained in the background – if it sneaks up on me on accident on a day I could have been productive it’s really just the worst! :P

        That actually does sound really interesting, just the title alone, I have added it to my (ever growing) list!

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