ScandiFest 2012

Every summer a nearby town shuts down a few city blocks and throws a Scandinavian Festival.  In fact, I recently realized I don’t even know what the town looks like the rest of the year!  There are tons of booths with yummy food, crafts, and goods, and several stages where singers and dancers perform.  The festival runs over the weekend, and each day has its own theme – Thursday is Danish day, Friday is for the Finns, Saturday for the Norwegians, and Sunday for the Swedes.  Although I think I’ve only made it to the Norwegian and Swedish days, it’s one of the summer activities I look forward to each year.

Here are some shots I took during this year’s trip!


I’m on a boat!


This year I had my very first Swedish Meat Pie!  Cheddar Cheese, Ground Beef, Celery, Potatoes & Onions baked in a Sour Cream Pastry…it was delicious.  As was the Mint Chip ice cream cone for dessert :)


My favorite booth that’s there every year features coins from all over the world.  The woman who sells them turns them into pendants for necklaces, and earrings etc.  One of these years I’m going to bring enough money to buy one!  This year, my favorites were from Poland, although the ones from D.R.O Congo are awesome with bits of color, and some of the ones from China are like keys.


The best part of the entire trip though was seeing an old dude, with leather straps tattooed on his legs. Permanent Gladiator Sandals, anyone?

What are some local activities that have become part of your summer tradition?


17 thoughts on “ScandiFest 2012

  1. Wow sounds like you had a great time! I must admit it seems rather fun.
    Unfortunately, there are no local activities that I’m aware of that happen every summer, but glad to share in yours. :-)

    • I’m glad I could share mine with you then, as well! :)

      It was a lot of fun. Our area isn’t very large, but they do a good job of creating a community atmosphere through fairs and festivals in the summer. It’s quite nice!

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