An Unexpected Community

I should probably save this post for some sort of landmark moment, like my one year blogiversary, or something – but then again, gratitude should never wait :)

When I started blogging,  I did so with the intention to promote my books, “The Adventures of Baseball and Zooey,” and to get my name out there as an author.  And while I’ve been successful at both of those things, I also feel like this blogging thing has taken on a life of it’s own.  Sure, I planned on writing a few personal tidbits here and there, but I didn’t realize how quickly I would find a place to write some of my innermost thoughts down – and a community of readers who would so readily accept them.

In reading many of your comments, I think it’s safe to say that we all entered the world of blogging for different reasons.  Most of us weren’t expecting much to come out of it, except our own growth as writers, and maybe a little peace of mind.  Instead, we have all come together to help create an unexpected and amazing network of friendship and support.

So today I just want to say Thank You! to all the wonderful and supportive readers and friends I have met along this journey.  You all have completely blown my expectations away as far as this whole writing process goes.  It has been fantastic getting to know you all, and being inspired by your delightful posts each day!  Here’s to you!

Photo Credit: Wordle


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