What I’m Watching

Photo Credit: ABC Family


This is the best show ever.  Okay, it’s the second best show ever.  Gilmore Girls will always be the #1 best show ever, but considering Bunheads has some of the same cast and was created by the same person, there’s really no other option for #2.(Although I realize there are a lot of people out there who don’t fit the demographic, so I forgive you if you disagree.  However, I still reserve the right to roll my eyes at you.)

I wish I could explain to you WHY I love it so much, but as with most things that are close to my heart, it’s more of a feeling than a reason.

Like Gilmore Girls, Bunheads just feels like…home. (Can I just tell you you how much I have been missing that background music?  It sounds like a silly little thing, but sometimes it’s the silly little things that get you).  Also, the characters are quirky people you’d want to be friends with, their references are hilarious and drenched in pop-culture, and although the plot line requires some suspension of disbelief on your part, once you become part of the world you’ll never want to leave.

The things I love about this show (that I haven’t already mentioned):

-It’s unexpected:  Just watch the first episode and you’ll know what I mean!

-It’s about dancers:  I took ballet from ages 5 to 11, it’s in my blood.

-It stars Kelly Bishop:  Not only is she a classically trained ballerina, and a Tony Award Winner, she’s also the mom in Dirty Dancing and she plays Emily Gilmore.

-It’s fast paced and hilarious:  The dialogue definitely puts it in a special class, like GG, it’s full of witty humor and obscure knowledge – you definitely have to pay attention while you’re watching or you’ll miss small but important/humorous moments.

-It’s quoteable:

“Maybe you don’t trust that anybody is going to understand you. But I do. I know exactly what you want: You want to laugh, and you want to travel. You want to be surprised, and challenged. You want to live an unexpected life. And I intend to give you exactly that.”

Photo Credit: ABC Family

“I just think the town could use a woman who used to be a man, to go with the Republican and the Liza Minnelli impersonator.”

-There’s a Corgi: This is clearly the most important reason to watch.  You probably think I’m joking.  (I’m not.)

Photo Credit: ABC Family

So basically, if you love Gilmore Girls and you haven’t seen this show…get ready for a new favorite!

And if you’ve never seen Gilmore Girls/didn’t like it/think Bunheads is not for you, I’d still recommend it because it’s different enough to make the show accessible to a wider audience, and I think you’d be surprised at how well written the dialogue is!! Give it a couple episodes before you write it off completely :)  (And if, in the end, you really don’t like it, shhhh!  Stop raining on my parade!)

Have you been watching Bunheads?  What do you think?  Were you a fan of Gilmore Girls?


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