The “Every Little Bonnie Needs A Clyde Beside Her” Playlist (Part One)

Some days you just need to stick on your cowboy boots,


and hit the road with some music…

In fact, some days you don’t even have time to stick on your cowboy boots – and you find yourself migrating to a country road in the middle of running errands, because your favorite song came on the radio.

Well, that sure happens to me a lot, anyways!

Although I love all genres of music, I was raised on country, and during the summer time the red-neck in me shows in more than one way :P  Even though I live in town, I dream someday of living on a property with horses and chickens and a garden – what’s that saying? – you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl!

So here are some of the (newer) country songs that make ME wanna take a back road. I say newer, because this list was nearly impossible to narrow down to a “cd” sized playlist when I was picking from all of my favorites so I mostly stuck to more recent songs on the radio, although you’ll notice a few oldies on there…which also means you can probably expect a part deux ;)

What are some of your favorite summer driving songs?  What makes you want to take a back road?


10 thoughts on “The “Every Little Bonnie Needs A Clyde Beside Her” Playlist (Part One)

  1. I love your country playlist. I didn’t grow up country but converted a couple of years ago when I heard Blake Shelton sing “Home” … it was on. I’ve always been a fan of him and anything from Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw. I have no boots, but I still take to the roads in my New Balance. I’m a big fan of the Zac Brown Band and Josh Turner. Ooooooh Josh :) My four-year old son loves that Springsteen song. We hear it on a daily basis over here.

    • Oh I love Blake Shelton! I can’t believe I left him off the list! (And seriously, how is Josh Turner SO adorable??)

      Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw are also some of my favorites also, I grew up on a lot of their music…another reason I think I’ll have to make a second playlist! Lol

      I’m glad you liked the first edition though – it’s been on repeat over here for a few days now. And your 4 year old has some good taste…it’s a hard call, but I think that might just be my favorite song from the group too :)

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