I don’t quite remember how it started, but ever since…well, probably the sophomore year of high school, I have been collecting quotes.  From the internet, movies, books, people – pretty much any source that contains them.  I started by writing everything in a spiral notebook:

As you can see, it quickly got too heavy and awkward to carry with me everywhere. So I started using pieces of paper folder into quarters to use as bookmarks, (yes, I carry a book with me everywhere I go) like this:

Now I have some on the computer in a word document, some on my phone in notes, and millions scribbled on random scraps of paper, backs of envelopes, and old receipts. It’s not exactly an organized system – in fact, now that I think about it, there’s no organization at all.  I keep meaning to put them together in some sort of cohesive manner but I can never decide whether to label them by subject, or by author name. So instead I just keep shoving them in my notebook…Remarkably, I very rarely have trouble finding the exact quote I’m looking for.  It probably helps that I’ve read through them all so many times I usually know right where to look.  There’s just something so humbling, and…connecting to read universal truths about the human condition put into words.

Here are some from the collection that I’ve been trying to take to heart lately:

“If love does not know how to give and take without restrictions, it is not love, but a transaction that never fails to lay stress on a plus and a minus.” – Emma Goldman

“The worst sorrows in life are not in its losses and misfortunes, but its fears.” – A. C. Benson

“You might as well fall flat on your face as lean over too far backward. “ – James Thurber

“A person isn’t who they are during the last conversation you had with them – they’re who they’ve been throughout your whole relationship.” – Rainer Maria Rilke


20 thoughts on “Quoted

  1. And look what quote JUST showed up on my Google homepage! –

    ‘”And yes the reason I love quotes–it gets us back to the way life used to be and should be… and we must be reminded as life is becoming very stressful, very busy, families are no longer what they “used to be” and I love to be reminded to “slow down and smell the roses” think about where you are going and what you are doing. They truly give life perspective.’
    – Bobbi Fillmore

    I love synchronicity :)

  2. I too love quotes and have compiled literally hundreds – but the wondrously amazing thing about quotes is how many there are. Your four here touch my heart profoundly, and I’ve never seen them before! All of them are amazing… with the one by James Thurber worthy of a poster in my office here… but the last one, by Rainer Maria Rilke is something I really needed. Thank you so much. I am delighted we have ‘found’ each other in this huge blogging world!
    Blessings, Gina

    • It’s so true! I can spend hours sifting through new quotes, being enthralled by all the new ones I come across.
      I’m so glad they move you as well – the last one is definitely something I am trying to remember these days as well. It’s always so great to run into someone in the community with such great positivity :) Thank you for the wonderful comment, Andrea

  3. One of my favorites: “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon
    You might want to put them in a spread sheet like Excel or a database like Access, that way you can sort them any way you want.

  4. Nice post. I like the idea of writing them all down but I’m too lazy for that I guess. I do have a quotes that inspire page on my blog that aims to do the same but alas it shall forever remain under construction.

    • It is hard to decide on the “top” quotes – all quote pages/sections should be under construction! That way you can rotate out the older ones and make room for the new finds :) There is always another fantastic combination of words just around the corner it seems…

      Thanks for the comment!

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