A Case of the…Thursdays?

Some people think that your subconscious works through problems you can’t solve in real life while you’re dreaming. Right now I’m really hoping that’s the case, because sometimes reality just doesn’t give you the closure you need.

Last night I couldn’t sleep, and when I finally did, I had crazy dreams. Or at least I think I did, but I can’t actually remember most of them. Just flashes, bits and pieces here and there. I do know they’ve left me feeling…off…all morning.

Today is just one of those days…

I can’t even think of anything to post!

So instead I’m just going to tell you that I started this puzzle last night:

Which was exciting because it’s the first time I’ve attempted a puzzle on my own. I’m about halfway through now, and glad I picked up a few others. I forgot how much I love puzzles!

And now I’m going to go rearrange the corner of this room:


Because when you’re dissatisfied with things unknown, there’s nothing better than a change of space.

I’ll save the update on both projects for after the blahs (cousin of the blues) skip town.


9 thoughts on “A Case of the…Thursdays?

  1. My grandparents used to do puzzles when I was a kid and I enjoyed helping them. Since I have grown up I have always felt like there were more important things to do in my free time. I never realized that if I have more important things to do it is not really free time.

    Anyway, when I am in a rut, I like to do something outside. Sometimes I’ll take my camera and go to the park. I think the fresh air and sunshine help.

    • I often did puzzles with my family growing up as well! Since I’ve moved out on my own and gotten a couple of rambunctious cats I’ve always been a bit afraid to start one for fear that they’d destroy it and lose all the pieces before I had a chance to finish…looks like I got lucky yesterday! :)

      Going for a walk is a great way to “restart”. There is a great trail near my house I hit on nice days. There really is something about fresh air and sunshine!

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