Why You Should Have a Disclaimer Page

Howdy, fellow bloggers!

Just thought I’d let you guys know I set up a new Disclaimer Page, where you’ll find information on the terms and conditions of the site, and all of that good stuff.

Putting yourself out into the public forum can be a bit risky at times in this day and age, and in my eyes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Whether you’re blogging for fun, for your business, or as a way to hone your writing skills, I would definitely encourage you all to check out the following sites on why you should have a disclaimer page:

Why You Need a Website Disclaimer

I Said Blog Disclaimer and You Yawned?

and to learn how to make your own, here:

Disclosure Policy.org

Sample Blog Disclaimer

Writing a Blog Disclaimer

Happy blogging all!


9 thoughts on “Why You Should Have a Disclaimer Page

  1. Hadn’t thought of this…but a great idea indeed.Thanks for sharing and stopping by my Make Shoppe. Hope you enjoyed the pooping reindeer post…perhaps there should be a disclaimer for that? ;)


  2. Excellent post! I completely agree and have a ‘Terms’ page of legalities myself. Good for you for sharing about it in a post. Very helpful information that is good for people to consider. Great links too. Thank you!
    Cheers, Gina

    • Thank you Gina! I realized it wasn’t something I thought about when I first started blogging, and after doing a little research I noticed that it’s definitely something that’s important. This is such a great blogging “community” – I’m always glad when I can add some helpful information to the group :)
      Thanks for the comment! – Andrea

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