Olympic Thoughts

It’s that time again, folks!  The Olympics!

Personally, I love The Olympics – I always have.  I can remember sitting in front of the TV as a kid watching the divers and runners and gymnasts, being in awe of them, and cheering them on.  Really, not a whole lot has changed now that I’ve grown up.

There is just something so cool about watching the world come together, and knowing that everyone else across the globe with access to a television is following the same thing you are.  (Okay, so not totally the same thing, I’m sure coverage is different in different countries, but still).  It is a great thing, especially during times of social unrest, to see people put aside their differences.  To see that in fact, most of us are civilians, athletes, and sports fans, not people divided by hate like a lot of the (US) media outlets would lead you to believe.  We have a lot more in common than we know, because division creates better news, but every four years we all get together and celebrate something much bigger than all of that – the ideals that the olympics are founded on – faith, hope, determination, strength, and unity.

It makes me wonder though, if we can put aside all of those differences for a few days a year and become friends – why can’t things always be that way?  I know it sounds a little simplistic, but if you think about it, if 204 countries can come together and decide, you know what, we’re just not going to fight for right now, and we’ll figure out how to get along for a little while even though we still might not like each other all that much, for sports…why can’t we do that for humanity?  No, really.  What if all those countries just sat down and went “no, we can’t fight, because it’s The Olympics” all year long??  Think about how much more creative we’d have to be – how much more respect and understanding we’d have to have for each other’s differences and similarities – if we had to work together to solve problems in such a manner on a regular basis.

Obviously I am not a politician though.  So what do I know?

I’ll get off my soapbox.

On another note – I keep hearing the announcers remind us that the majority of the people who participate in The Olympics won’t get a medal.  We’ll probably never even hear some of their names.  Wouldn’t that suck?  I can’t imagine dedicating my entire life to something…to not win.  I mean, some of these people, like Michael Phelps, have actually been training since childhood (okay so he’s been successful…I wonder how many people who have been training that long aren’t?).  I guess, if you think about it, the people who don’t even come close to winning a medal probably didn’t expect to win one anyway – since a lot of sports like swimming and gymnastics already have championships, I’d imagine by the time you become an Olympian you’re pretty familiar with your competition already and know where you stand in the pack.

But at least they can say they’ve been in The Olympics, that’s still a pretty good story to tell your grandkids.

Why do they call it The Olympiad?  Don’t you hate it when people ask questions they should just google?


2 thoughts on “Olympic Thoughts

  1. After a brief search…I found it to mean NOTHING! It’s a made up word to describe a competition staged every four years! Boring huh? :) I thought it would have a deep philosophical meaning from an ancient Greek proverb or something…but no…not according to my quick little search. Maybe if you delve a little deeper perhaps?

    I watch it too. Love it!

    Congrats on your newly published book again…must feel great?


    • Haha that is SERIOUSLY boring! Of all the fun words to come out of ancient times and the one that sticks around has no meaning…Of course! :P

      And thanks again, it really does feel pretty exciting!

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