Newly Published!

Today I’m celebrating the fact that the second book in my children’s series “The Adventures of Baseball and Zooey” was published!

Zooey The AcroCat” will be available for purchase soon – hopefully by the end of next week :)

It’s been a bit of a rocky road, trying to illustrate and edit a book while family was in town, dealing with illness, and attempting to overcome my tendency to procrastinate…but I did it! Hooray!

Being a self-published author can be stressful at times, since whether your book sinks or swims rests solely on your shoulders, but it’s been a really great experience as well. I now know how to design my own book covers, write a blurb/synopsis, and format a (children’s) manuscript.  But I couldn’t have accomplished any of it without support and inspiration from a lot of people – including you all.  So, thank you bunches!

Now on to the next project!


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