Wild Turkey X-ing

My town has wild turkeys.  I have no idea where they came from, or where they…roost?  But a few years ago they just started appearing in the oddest places.

Like the middle of the street.

Why did the turkey cross the road?  Perhaps it was because the light was red.

They’re actually prettier than you’d expect

Where ya going turkeys?

This is really not an uncommon sight.  Below are some pictures I took of some wild turkeys I came across around the same time last year – on the completely opposite end of town (at least 10 miles away).

Do wild turkeys migrate/have a broad range?  Or do we have several rafters of turkeys running around out there?  Did you know a “group” of turkeys is called a “rafter”?  I didn’t.  I had to google it.


8 thoughts on “Wild Turkey X-ing

    • They are surprisingly pretty! And you’re right, they ARE big – I have never encountered one outside of the car, luckily. I really don’t know what I’d do if that happened! Wild birds can be pretty scary…

      :) Glad we could entertain you! Thanks for the comment!!

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