Thunder Clouds

Because I’m still a little worn out from yesterday’s road trip, here are some pictures I took of the thunderstorm we had!  Luckily it waited until we got back into town before it unleashed it’s fury.

Inspired by The Sugarlump :)

(Sorry the quality is a bit poor – was using my camera phone)

Storm’s a-comin!

A few seconds after I took this shot, one of the biggest forks of lightening I’ve ever seen came out of this cloud:

But wait…there’s a rainbow??

Yes, because on the other side of the sky, the sun was doing this:

It’s hard to tell in this shot, but there was a line going straight through the sky – one half was black, one half was blue – this is where they met:

Looks like it’s clearing up:

I love thunderstorms!  What’s your favorite weather?


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