Bucket Baby!

My heart is breaking for my sister and the con that she called “love”
But when I look into my nephew’s eyes,
Man, you wouldn’t believe the most amazing things that can come from
Some terrible lies’   – Some Nights – Fun –

Okay, so those lyrics are kind of depressing, and my story isn’t, but they still have something in common :P  This last week I got to hang out with my one-year-old nephew for the first time.  Oh my gosh.  It was the coolest experience of my  life!  He is definitely the most amazing thing in the universe….But let me back up for a second.

The first time I became an aunt, I was seven – my sister though significantly older than me was still young, and went through a hard labor.  At one point during the delivery everyone was kicked out of the room, and most left in tears.  It was late at night, I was tired, and the room was chaotic, so the whole thing was a little too much for me to take in at once.  I do remember holding him briefly after he arrived, before he started screaming at me and I handed him back over to the new mom.

This time around though, I’m much older (and so was my nephew!).  I didn’t get to be there for the delivery, or even meet him until he was already walking and starting to talk, but somehow he still knew I was Auntie!  My brother and his wife came for a visit this week, and my younger brother, parents and I were all eagerly waiting to meet baby Kane – but also a little afraid he would be scared meeting so many new people at once!  I wasn’t there when they picked him up from the airport, so I’m not quite sure what his initial reaction was (I heard he did pretty well on the flight, at least!), but by the time I showed up at our parent’s house, he was toddling around the room extraordinarily pleased with himself for captivating the attention of not just his parents, but FIVE adults (six by the time I got there!).

It’s probably because my sister-in-law and I have a similar hair color and height, but Kane bonded to me pretty quickly, which was incredibly special.  I got the first hug of the family, and for most of the trip had the distinction of being the only person he’d go off on his own with (without mom and dad). Near the end of his visit he did fall asleep on Grandma though, which was pretty exciting too :)

So this is where the song lyrics come in…even though my brother and his wife are an absolutely adorable couple, with a fantastic dedication to each other and their family, so it’s not quite the same thing…The point is, meeting this little guy totally changed my life!  Seriously, it was amazing, I can’t even describe it.  It’s crazy the amount of love you can feel for someone that barely talks and is constantly sticky!  At the same time, it makes me even sadder about the fact that they live so far away, because as great as this visit was I know that it will be a while before we see each other again, and he will change and grow so much in the meantime!  Maybe he won’t even remember how cool his Aunt Andrea is!!  Psh, now I’m just being ridiculous.  Who could forget that?

Do you have family members with little ones who live far away?  What are some of your favorite ways to keep in contact?

(Some Nights – Fun –  Lyrics mentioned start around 3:55Warning: use of the F-Bomb once, somewhere in there)

Although the rest of the song really has nothing to do with this post, I’m sharing it anyways cause I love it :P

Update: You can check out my Sister-in-Law’s blog about raising Kane here!


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