One Lovely Blog Award

Oh my gosh!  Yesterday I discovered that Diary of a quirky girl nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award!

Now I have to complete the five statements below to receive the award:
1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
2. Answer these 10 questions, below, for fun if you want to.
Read on!
3. Nominate blogs you enjoy. 
4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate. 
Links below!
5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.
Thank you so much, Quirky Girl!  It feels pretty exciting to receive a nomination from a fellow blogger :)

I hope you all check out her site: and enjoy her great posts and thoughts on life and growing up.  She really does fill your world (or at least your blogroll) randomly with happiness!

To the Questions!

1. What kind of blogs do you read most?
My two favorite kinds of blogs are about life/shared human experiences – or writing, because I’m an author!

2. What is your favorite Ice Cream? 
Anything from Yogurt Extreme!  Especially their Thin Mint or New York Cheesecake frozen yogurt…with all the crazy toppings like marshmallow fluff, white chocolate syrup, cheesecake bites, chocolate mochi, skor bites, reeses, oreo crumbs, yeah, even a fortune cookie!

3. What is your favorite food?
Cheesecake!  (If you’ve been paying attention that’s the third time I’ve said that word in the past two answers even!! :P)

4. Do you prefer Boxers or Briefs?
Boxers are the best for sleeping in during summer.

5. What is your favorite quote?
Hahaha, you’ve got to be kidding me, you want me to pick just one?  Not possible!  No, really, I have been collecting them for years and have thousands written down in notebooks.  But here’s one I chose at random:

“To succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funnybone.” – Reba McIntire

6. Tell us about your most embarrassing moment?
I was tutored in math during my junior year of high school, at a nearby restaurant that was undergoing some renovations. For the most part we were the only people there besides the workers.  My best friend and I arrived for our session a little early, and the younger sister of a guy I liked – who had the slot before us – was just getting picked up by their mom.  We took a seat to wait and I started absent-mindedly rocking onto the back legs of the chair. Then, someone mentioned my crush and I got excited – I started to say his name, but suddenly the chair slipped out from underneath me, and I ended up SCREAMING his name out of surprise (of course it echoed all the way through the empty building). His mom and sister looked at me like I was completely insane while I sat on the floor and proceeded to crack up laughing.

7. What do you prefer, dogs or cats?
Obviously, I’m a cat person!  Though really I love ALL animals…and I have a special spot in my heart for Corgis :)

Baseball and Zooey

8. Besides writing what is your favorite thing to do?
I watch an inappropriate amount of movies and television (once upon a time I was a film major in college).  I also really love to start projects and forget to finish them, procrastinate, craft, glue, cut, paste, organize (and then reorganize), make, create, and design!  Not to mention spend time with family and friends.  Wait, I was only supposed to pick one other thing?  Impossible – I’m always multitasking!

9. Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?
All Chocolate.  All The Time.

10. What is the best invention you have ever seen?
Indoor plumbing – think about it!

Now My Nominees!! (In no particular order…)


A Grateful Man

Slapppshot…Tales of A Single Dad

On The Homefront and Beyond

Childtastic Books – Great Books for Great Readers

Thank you so much, lovely readers!! Go forth, and happy writing everyone!

5 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Congratulations! And thank you for nominating my blog! And what Alison Kelly said about loving your answers with the illustrations, and indoor plumbing is pretty darn nice too!


  2. I am really honoured to have been nominated by you – thank you! I am still getting used to blogging so forgive me if I take a little while to get the response back – I am working on it though! Carry on with the great writing!

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