Desserty Goodness

Sweet Life Cheesecake!

I have awesome friends.  The other night I got a text offering to DELIVER cheesecake to my door.  Um, yes please!  Is there some sort of service I can sign up for that will do this on a regular basis?  Like those farms that deliver produce to you?

The one on the left is a Lemon Curd cheesecake and the one on the right is a Malted Chocolate.  Both were absolutely delicious, but I’m gonna say I preferred the Lemon Curd just because it was a bit creamier and you could taste the cheesecakiness of it a little bit better.  But the chocolate was still absolutely fantastic.

And no, even though I was REALLY tempted to, I did not eat both pieces at once…somehow I found a reserve of self-control I didn’t know I had, so the chocolate was for dessert, and I managed to save the lemon for breakfast the next day ;) (Okay, I know, there are pieces taken out of both of these slices…so I had a BITE of each…gotta decide which to eat first, right??)


4 thoughts on “Desserty Goodness

  1. Looks ymmuy! I like your rationale about taking a bite out of both and then waiting for breakfast to eat the second one! Sounds like something I would do!


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