Olympic Trials

My little brother just graduated from college and is in town over the summer, before he starts his job at Microsoft this Fall.  I’m pretty excited because I have a lot of siblings but I’m the only one that stayed in town with our parents, so it’s fun to have another “kid” around for a little while again!

The other day we decided to head over to check out the Olympic Trials at Hayward Field.  I would love to show you some of the pictures I took of the events – but according to our tickets, photographs, “may not be posted on the Internet, broadcast, published or disseminated, or used for any commercial purposes, without the prior written consent of the USOC.”  Since I’m not quite sure what exactly they DO to rule breakers, I decided to obey them just in case :P

Here are some of the other random pictures I took though!

Historic Hayward!

(We were in Section K, at the top right of the page, the parallel lines with the yellow & blue boxes right in front of sections J & K were the Pole Vault jumps)


I’m not sure who “Sandy” is…but he stamped my arm!

Tracktown USA motto this year – Best TIME Ever, Best TEAM Ever, Best TOWN Ever

It was a really fun experience, even if it got cold and started raining about halfway through…Oh Oregon!  Neither of us had ever been to a meet before, so it was interesting to get to see the whole thing in person, especially knowing that pretty soon we’ll be rooting for the winners at the Olympics!!

What was my favorite event?  The Pole vault!  Having never paid much attention to it before (I’m usually more a fan of the swimming and gymnastics during the summer), I was surprised at how fun it was to watch.

Will you be watching the Olympics this summer?  What’s your favorite Track & Field event?


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