What I’m Reading

Double Shot by Diane Mott Davidson

This is the 12th book in Mott Davidson’s series about Colorado caterer Goldy Schulz, (the first, Catering to Nobody was published in 1990).  I have been working my way through the series over the past couple months and I’ve got to be honest, although I really like the books, there are a few things that kind of bug me!

The great thing about these books is that the plot lines are always fun and different, and the setting is refreshing (plus, because the main character is a caterer each book comes with delicious recipes). This particular book, Double Shot, centers around a sticky situation created by Goldy’s abusive ex-husband (and the father of their son), John Richard.  As usual, she teams up with her best friend Marla to get to the bottom of things, but soon finds herself smack-dab in the middle of the suspect list!

One thing that really bothers me though, is the relationship between Goldy and her son Arch.  It seems a little unnatural somehow, and even though he’s teen-aged in the later books, their interactions never really mature.  Also, I’ve noticed throughout the series people tend to appear and disappear randomly. Characters described as “good friends” will come out of nowhere to star in one book, and then never be heard from again!

Other than that though, I have been enjoying the series (and Mott Davidson’s writing style, for the most part,) and I’ve been making my way through the books at a pretty good pace.  Only three more to go…gonna have to start looking out for the next read!

Any other fans of the series out there?  Any recommendations on what I should read next?


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