What I’m Watching

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

The Bachelorette!

Deal with it!  I’m a sucker for a cheesy dating/reality show.  This is something you’ll come to learn about me in time.

But really, this season of The Bachelorette has been different than the rest. With Emily Maynard returning, it seems like there was a lot more attention paid to the caliber of men who were chosen to dater her – possibly because many had already seen and developed “crushes” on her during her time on The Bachelor (kinda weird) – and possibly because Emily herself isn’t as irritating as most other contestants. She comes across much more down-to-earth than her predecessor, Ashley, that’s for sure!  (Although there’s no way you’ll be able to convince me she hasn’t had some work done…she looks a little too much like Barbie to be all natural.) I really appreciate the no-nonsense way she makes her choices too – the second she knows a guy’s not the right one, she pulls the cord.  And she’s much different than just about any of the previous Bachelorettes, or Bachelors, in that she’s actually seen through the guys who weren’t there for the right reasons! (C’mon, Kalon and Ryan?  Really?)  Not a whole lot of drama on this season either – which is refreshing –  and contrary to what producers might think, actually makes it more interesting to watch.  I feel like I might just see an actual love story!  Or maybe I’m just being a ridiculous, hopeless, romantic again.  (It did happen with with Trista and Ryan Sutter though, so I guess anything is possible! :P)



I can’t really explain why I love this show so much – I just really, really do! Set in a small town in Oregon, Eureka is a place where all of the smartest people in the world live and work on secret projects for the Department of Defense. The episodes are usually centered around some sort of catastrophe that occurs during the use (or more often – misuse) of the newly invented technologies, leaving Sheriff Jack Carter (the only non-genius in town, whose accidental arrival is the plot of the first episode), and his friends to clean up the mess.

This season is the show’s final run though, and I am super sad, because I don’t know what I’ll do with myself without my favorite sci-fi comedy!!!  Any other fans out there have a recommendation for a similar show to help me fill the void??

Another problem?  They’re on at the same time!  The Bachelorette airs tonight (Mondays) on ABC at 8pm (for 2 hours) and Eureka is on The Sy-Fy Channel at 9pm :( Thank goodness for shows OnDemand!!


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