“This is How”

So honestly?  When I first saw This is How by Augusten Burroughs sitting on the table at Barnes & Noble, I wasn’t sure I wanted to even pick it up and read what it was about.  Running With Scissors throughly depressed me – although the writing is fantastic – and I wasn’t sure I was brave enough to read another of his books!  At least not right now (the last few months have been kind of rough, and I was originally on the lookout for a lighthearted mystery or something along those lines).  But the cover jumped out at me, as did the blurb on the inside… “If you have ever wondered, how am I supposed to survive this?  This is How.”  Considering I had JUST  screamed something remarkably similar at my ceiling the day before…the book practically jumped into my basket.

‘Sometimes life hands us gift-wrapped shit. And we’re like, “This isn’t a gift; it’s shit. Screw you.”‘ – Augusten Burroughs

As did quite a few others…

(To be fair my mom and little brother were helping too…but it really only took us about ten minutes. The rest of the time we spent taking pictures of all the other books we wanted so we wouldn’t forget them…but I digress!)

The point is, I couldn’t have come across this book at a better time.  I’m sure that’s part of the reason I’m enjoying it so much, but Burroughs is also an amazing author, and I love his voice!  Pretty much every page has a quotable line – and like the full title says, it  deals with every topic from, “How to Ride an Elevator,” to “How to Be A Good Mental Patient”. Including: “How to Find Love,” “How to Fail,” “How To Change The World By Yourself,” and literally everything in between.  Although I probably wouldn’t say it’s for the young, since anyone who’s read Burroughs’ work knows that his topics tend to be adult themed, (but who hasn’t had a few adult experiences before their time?  I’m pretty sure that’s half the point of the book!).


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