“Funny How a Melody, Sounds Like a Memory”

So, one night, a long time ago, a girl and a boy went on a date.  They were too young to drive, so her mom picked them up from the movies…and on their way to drop him off at home, Hotel California came on the radio.  She had never heard it before.  It was his favorite song.  They drove through town, and as dusk finally turned to darkness, he sang to her as they sat in the back seat.

“And still those voices are calling from far away, wake you up in the middle of the night, just to hear them say…”

No matter how many years pass, or how many other boys I meet…I will never forget that moment.


2 thoughts on ““Funny How a Melody, Sounds Like a Memory”

  1. Thank you for writing a post that inspired my own trip down Memory Lane–including the (shudder) part about being too young to drive and having a parent take us. My mom kept calling the girls by a different girl’s name!

    I solved the problem by dating an older girl who could drive. Right after she graduated high school she married one of our teachers. That’ll teach me to go out with older girls! ;-D!


    • Haha – That is too funny!!! Thank you for sharing it.

      I love that even though technology is growing at a steady rate, there is still no foreseeable way to avoid parents driving you around on a date and embarrassing you :)

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